Tubingen is a small city situated in southwest Germany and is popularly known for the breathtaking views from the towers.
The city is home to the continent’s old universities and might not be a popular travel destination but the city is rich in opulence and beauty. Tubingen is a great choice to understand Germany’s rich culture and old architecture. If you want to explore the best of Germany, Tubingen is undoubtedly a great choice!
The small cobbled streets make you feel as if you have stepped back in time! Here, are the 4 reasons you must add this to your itinerary and spare a day to explore the majestic Tubingen!


The Place Is Full Of Romance

If you’re an admirer of the places that are utterly soaked in love, we don’t think so you will turn down visiting Tubingen. The city is full of romance and is a great choice if you’re in Europe vacay with your partner. The timbered houses, cobbled streets, flowers, gardens, friendly locals everything binds this place to be a perfect romantic getaway.
Definitely visit the Holzmarket, old town hall, and Neckar River on your stay to get fully immersed in the charm of the city.


Captivating Architecture

The city is filled with old buildings and monuments still it doesn’t feel boring and dull. The stunning and unique architecture of the city is one of the enthralling reasons to add Tubingen to your list.
The Timbered Houses decorated with colorful facades is the symbol of the city and offers an appealing visual appearance. Some of the iconic architectural feats of the city include The Neckarbrucke Bridge, The Holderlin Tower, Old Town’s beautiful squares, and Southern German Flair.
Make sure you visit these during your trip and explore the unique architecture of the city.


Mouth-watering Food

If food is the reason you love to travel, Tubingen would be a great choice! Southwestern Germany is known for incredible food specialties and we don’t think you won’t love to savor that.
The city is home to delicious bread, pastries, and cakes and not only the great food but the cafes and restaurants also please you with mesmerizing views along with scrumptious food. If you want to relish great food with a riverside view do head to the popular Neckarsmuller restaurant.
And surely taste the staple Spatzle and local beer when you are here.


Breathtaking Scenery

The breathtaking surroundings of the city make it a great travel destination. Germany is known for great natural scenery and Tubingen lives up to that hype.
The mesmerizing view of the city from the towers, The Swabian Mountains, and lush valleys gives an appealing view. If you’re willing to spend a day more in the city definitely head to Hohenzollern castle, 45-minutes away from the city. The castle is beautiful and sits over the Hohenzollern Mountain rendering majestic views. You will surely love the city and one is to blame you if you never wish to leave the city!

We hope the 4 reasons will pursue you to travel to the wonderful and romantic city Tubingen on your trip to Germany. While you’re heading to Germany do add these underrated places to your list and not just stick to the popular tourist spots. The best way to explore Germany is by exploring the small and underlooked charms of the country.
We hope the reasons convinced you and you will visit Tubingen. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and you relish an absolute time on your trip!

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