The Pacific High Coast Highway is the world’s finest scenic drives and if you’re all set to take it, you’ll surely come across breathtaking views. In the feed, we have picked up 5 stops you must take to absorb the beauty and great views the drive offers!


Santa Cruz

On your road trip from San Francisco, is the stunning Santa Cruz stop. You’ll find Ano Nuevo State Park where you can spot elephant seals. The park is a very popular spot and is worth exploring.
You can also opt for guide tours to the largest breeding colony in the world. The park is situated on the beach and is mesmerizing! Another great thing to relish in the stop is to head to Santa Cruz Boardwalk to capture the old-School American vibe.
Don’t forget to explore a bunch of restaurants and shops on your stopover to Santa Cruz.


Big Sur

To reach Big Sur, you would have to traverse over the world’s tallest single concrete bridge, the Bixby Bridge. The bridge is also one of the most photogenic bridges in the world and comes along with beautiful scenery.
While traveling over the bridge you come across the beautiful town, Big Sur. The stop is great to relax and refresh as the majestic Mountain View rejuvenates you to the fullest. If you have time, you can spend a few days here as the place has enough beauty to keep you engaged for a couple of days.


Santa Barbara

The next stop worth taking is of the famous Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is the coastal city with a dramatic mountainous backdrop. The peaceful and serene place Santa Barbara is worth taking before hitting the megalopolis, Los Angeles.
Santa Barbara is brimming with flora and fauna and if you love exploring nature, you can’t down halting the road trip at Santa Barbara. The place is home to an abundance of wildlife and plant species. No one is to blame you if you never wish to leave the place it’s that stunning!



Ventura is the charming city known for the pristine coastline and laid-back culture. The city has a couple of beaches and among all of them the famous and popular is the San Buenaventura State Beach and you must visit the beach. When you’re in the coastal charm make sure you head to try out surfing and windsurfing as the city is very popular for both the adventures.
Also, don’t forget to relish the appetizing gastronomy and if you have enough time you can also visit the famous Mission San Buenaventura, an 1809’s church.
The peaceful and serene atmosphere will awe you!


San Diego

The next stop worth taking is the gorgeous city, San Diego. The city is very much popular and we don’t think so we need to introduce it to travelers.
Brimming on the Pacific coast, the city renders breathtaking views that can’t be turned down without exploring. San Diego is home to iconic landmarks, museums, beaches, galleries, and gardens.
Do visit the famous San Diego Zoo and art galleries on your trip. The laid-back and welcoming culture will etch your mind with unforgettable memories. If you have time you can also head to SeaWorld San Diego, a theme park with various entertaining shows and fun rides.

So, these are the 5 stops that are worth taking! If you come across some other great stops on your way you can surely explore those. Each stop coming on The Pacific High Coast Highway is worth exploring we have just picked up the best of all the 13 stops that come along!
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and you truly enjoy the road trip!