If you love to travel, Couchsurfing is probably the best way to get free accommodation all over the world. The term has gained quite a momentum among the adept travelers around the world but since you have to stay with strangers, safety is really important.

Free accommodation all over the world sounds very amusing but Couchsurfing is two-edged, sometimes you’ll have good experiences and sometimes bad too. Still, it rocks! There are surely definite plus sides of Couchsurfing, well of course free accommodation being the primary one but not to forget you get a chance to live and explore the place as a local and that could be an impressive encounter.

If you’re new to the site of Couchsurfing and looking to wet your feet like the 15 million travelers have done, here are a few tips that will help you gain good experience and making some lifelong travel friends no matter where you head to.


Meeting The Host

Considering safety while Couchsurfing is an intelligent move! You should always consider safety over anything else. Sometimes, even great dangers can be avoided if you play intelligently. Rather than heading straight to the house where you’re supposed to share the couch, meet your host at a local place. By avoiding bumping straight in the house you can ensure your safety.
When you’ll meet the host at a local place say it to be a café or restaurant you’ll get to know the person and form a gut feeling about him/her. And, listen to your gut feeling, they are always right!


Carry A Gift

While Couchsurfing is free and no money is exchanged while doing so still, as a sign of good gesture, you should carry a gift along with you for the host. It will not only create a good impression but will also ensure a sense of gratification and appreciation. If you’re confused about what to take along with you a bottle of wine we guess would be a great consideration. Don’t know how but taking a gift along with you will also ensure that you’re safe, we mean people all around the globe loves the ones who gift them without any occasion, and here they are providing you a stay that too a free one.
Another thing you can do is leave a thank you note sharing how much you loved your host’s hospitality. Nothing, but all this binds great memories both for you and your host.


Don’t Vex Your Host

Vexing your host can create trouble for you; hence, one great tip would be not to create any mess at the place you’re staying. Remember, you’re not at a hotel where you can get room service, thus, try to keep the place as neat and tidy as possible at least leave it the way they give it to you.
Not every host gives you home rules but we guess this is more of using your common sense; no one likes their home to be messy. Be respectful and well-mannered.


Read All the Reviews

It’s really important to know that you’re dealing with a genuine source, hence, read out all the reviews from other couchsurfers that will help you to draw a rough idea of your stay and the host. Stay in contact with the person before Couchsurfing just to ensure you’re dealing with a genuine side.


Share The Address With Your Closed Ones

No matter where you’re heading Couchsurfing too has a dark side hence, share the address with your closed ones so that they know where exactly you are, and during your stay be in touch with your family or friends.

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