A perfect Euro trip on your budget! Europe is there on every traveler’s bucket list simply because the place pleases every kind of traveler.
If you’ve always dreamt of traveling Europe on budget, its time you pack your bags. Certainly, Europe is an expensive travel package but there are a few places that you can travel around without breaking your bank.
Traveling Europe in winter is always on a budget as you get less crowd which means affordable accommodation, cheaper flights, and everything that sticks to your budget.
Here, are the 5 European countries you can travel in winter without burning a hole in your pocket.


Czech Republic

The Czech Republic also called as Czechia is the perfect destination to plan your winter vacay.
Surrounded by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia, the country is home to some of the most mesmerizing landscapes. During winter, the temperature freezes but certainly, you’ll truly enjoy the place with less crowd and cheap accommodation. The Gothic Castles and Chateaus look even more gorgeous when covered with snow.
You’ll truly feel as if you’ve visited a fairyland. Some of the places you must add to your itinerary include
The Charles Bridge
The Prague Castle
The Krumlov Castle
The Bohemian Paradise



Fan of games of thrones? You can’t turn down visiting the place.
The country is very popular for its modern art scene, laid-back vibe, and hip café culture. If you visit Croatia, you get a chance to explore the rich heritage of the Roman and Venetian era.
It’s an upcoming tourist destination and is home to a plethora of pristine beaches, 8 National Parks, 11 Nature Parks, and 10 World Heritage Sites.
If you’re planning to visit the country, make sure you plan a trip to the countryside. Despite, all the popular tourist destinations like Zagreb, split, Plitvice, Dubrovnik, you must also visit the charming villages.



If you think Europe to be only a summer travel thing, then, we’re sure you haven’t visited Budapest. Winter is the best time to visit Budapest.
The city turns out to be so gorgeous in winter that no one is to blame you if you never wish to leave the place. The Gothic architecture, great food, and lovely culture is a huge draw for tourists around the globe.
Also, if you are a budget traveler, exploring Hungary is a great idea!
Places you must include to your itinerary are-
Buda Castle
Fisherman’s Bastion
St. Stephen’s Basilica
Hero’s Square



Lithuania is one of the most affordable European travel destinations on the list!
Not only it’s rich in opulence and exquisiteness but is also in a budget of mass tourism. The country offers an otherworldly quality to its visitors. The rich history of the nation is sure to be witnessed. The country is home to stunning castles, mesmerizing lakes, and lavish forests.
There’s nothing fancy in the country and the valuable possession of the country lies in its natural treasures. If you love hiking and exploring nature, the country’s extremely gorgeous and abundant natural treasures and national parks are waiting for you!



Georgia is another perfect destination to plan your winter vacay. The country never gets too cold and during winter you get a chance to explore the country with fewer crowds.
Beautiful landscapes and sunny days is what you should expect from your trip!

So, these are some of the recommendations for executing a perfect winter Europe trip. We hope you found the feed helpful!

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