Since its launch in the year 1889, it has become the city’s most prominent landmark. One thing everyone does on their visit to Paris is to capture the most favorite sight in the city Eiffel Tower. Or if you’re not lucky enough to have been there you must have dreamed of going there at least once in your life, right?
If you’re wondering what makes Eiffel Tower much of a hype around the globe. Well, then you have clicked on the right feed. Certainly, it is the most striking monument but what makes it a must-add to everyone’s Paris itinerary over other striking monuments is quite astonishing.

There are endless reasons to visit the symbol of love and here we have gathered 5 reasons why you should visit Eiffel Tower. Keep scrolling!


An Impeccable Representation of Modern Architecture

Eiffel Tower is the most perfect example of modern architecture. The monument is different from the cliché European the Neo-Gothic, Neo-Renaissance, and Neo-Baroque styles. It’s the epitome of French architectural vision and expertise that makes the monument really stand out. The stunning shape and material craft it as the most recognizable masterpiece of the nineteenth century. The 324 meters long tower is a treat for the world’s traveler.


Breathtaking View On The Eiffel Tower

Another thing that makes the iron lady a must-see is a breathtaking view rendered through the top. 324meters above the ground etches you with indelible scenery if you’re bold enough to climb up there. As you slide out from one floor to the other you are fastened with a striking view each time. The summer terrace on the first floor of the tower offers you a jaw-dropping scenery of the Champs de Mars. Sip a coffee, enjoy snacks, and admire the view- this is what we call a bliss moment.


The Majestic Light Show: Place du Trocadero

The sparkling golden lights lit up on the Eiffel Tower brings life to the monument every night, every hour on the hour for five minutes that beams up the entire city. It’s just magical to capture the light show and the best place to immerse in the light show is Place du Trocadero. The stunning it is in the daytime the more it is in the night. You’ll be surely awestruck by the beauty of the monument and will love to visit it again and again.


Savor The Delicious French Cuisine on Each Floor

Eiffel Tower is known for the best views and impressive design but the place is also a must-visit if you’re a food lover. On each floor, there are excellent dining and breweries that serve you with the vast variety of drinks and food from the delectable French cuisine. From La Bulle Parisienne, 58 Tour Eiffel, Le Jules Verne, Champagne Bar, to Gustave Eiffel room there are a plethora of options to try from. The stunning view and delectable dining on the world’s most spectacular monument- nothing could be much better than this.


The Tower Shrinks

This fascinates us all, we know. And many of you won’t agree with that. How could a monument shrink in size and that too without any external force? But, it’s true on measuring it came upon that in winter the Eiffel Tower shrinks about four to eight inches. Obviously, you can’t measure that but this is quite a fascinating reason to visit the monument.

Last but not the least, the tower is known to be the symbol of love and if you want a dramatic proposal or celebrate your first anniversary nothing could be better than the Eiffel Tower.

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