Sand, Sun, Crystal Water, Adventure welcome to The Dominican Republic!

The country is the most popular tropical destination among the world’s travelers. The country is blessed with vast geographical diversity, desert plains, valleys, mountains but the most spectacular feature of the country is its marvelous 1,287 km long coastline. If you’re a beach lover this is a beautiful and affordable destination even great for budget travelers.
Reading all this if you’re wondering to travel to The Dominican Republic here are 5 important things you need to know before kicking-off your sojourn.


The Currency

The currency of the country is the Dominican peso, which you can only get in the country and not anywhere else which means you can’t export or import it. You can only convert your currency into the peso once you enter the country. The easiest currency to carry here is the US Dollars that can be easily converted into peso.
You can even notice some restaurants and accommodations accepting USD because it’s that widely preferred in the country. But we would advise you to convert the USD into peso as soon as you arrive in the country to kick-off your trip all around the country smoothly.



Like most of the countries, you need a visa to travel to the Dominican Republic which you can apply online; however, the country permits 95 countries a visa-free entry including Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Peru, South Korea, and Uruguay. As per the 2018 changes, countries like United States, United Kingdom, and other EU countries have to pay just US $10 tourist fees to enter the country.
If you want to know all the 95 countries or anything related to the exemptions you can visit the official site.


The Best Time To Travel

Before planning a trip it’s important to know the best time to travel. Climate plays an important role in packing and making your trip smooth so you should know the best time to travel. The country has a hot tropical climate all year round ranging from 28o C to 30o C. There are generally two seasons in the country wet and rainy. The dry season runs from December to April and is the best time to travel to the country and the rainy season runs from June to November and experiences fewer tourists.
We would recommend you travel to the country in the dry season i.e. between December and April.


Don’t Drink The Tap Water

We don’t recommend you to drink tap water as it’s not generally safe. You can prefer brushing your teeth or gargling with tap water but avoid consuming it. Mineral water bottles are widely available throughout the country even in small towns so you should prefer buying mineral water bottles only.
Most accommodations provide you free water bottles each day with the room or you can buy from the corner stores. Water is very important when you’re traveling to different spots so make sure you carry a water bottle along with you.


Be Cautious Of Scams

When you’re traveling to The Dominican Republic you should be familiar with the popular tourist scams prevalent in the country. Like most of the tourist destinations the country to have some tourist scams such as fake beggars, fake police, unlicensed taxis, and taking parking charges at the beach which is generally free.
There are other varieties of things you need to be aware of in the country and the best way to avoid all of these is to trust your gut feeling. If you feel something is wrong just trust your feeling and be a little more cautious.

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