All you have heard till now is how amazing traveling is and to be honest it actually is. But, there are certain things that annoy each one of us about traveling and which no one is gonna tell you.
Whenever we are bored with life, we look up to traveling or taking up a travel break until we’re sorted again. And, when you know so much great about traveling don’t you think you should know certain things that vex the world’s travelers?

In this article, we have compiled 5 things that we all hate mutually about travel. So, in case you forget what annoyed you on the last trip, read the post till the end to find out!


Jet Lag

Let’s be honest traveling to different time zones can be very exciting initially but when you actually do so you’re hit down with a sudden wave of sleep. And, when you adjust to the time difference, you get to know, it’s time to turn off the vacay.
We all experience this and it’s something very common and the majority of the readers reading this might have got a sense of déjà vu about it, right?


Delayed Flights

Another thing on the list that annoys most of us is the delayed flights. You’re all set to reach the destination on time and you arrived early at the airport and have already made arrangements considering the time but then suddenly you get to know the flight is delayed for certain hours, we all can relate to that feeling.
And, when you have to wait for the flight it kills all the excitement and curiosity you had and also ruins your plan. And, not to forget the extra expense that adds on each minute with the delayed flights.



Sir, Ma’am, please look at my shop. Do you want a tourist guide, please have me?
You all must have gone through this act of cringing at least once during your trip. And, seriously it’s the most annoying thing you can ever come across on the location. And, if you want to get rid of this, you can’t as it’s like a flock of sheep that seems to never end unless you decide to leave the location.
And, this thing happens generally in the markets or overwhelmed tourist spots and yes, you can all relate to it!


Too Many Tourists

If you love overcrowded places, you can’t relate to the feeling the majority of us get when we see camera-carrying persons, backpacked travelers, families, creating fuss on a location, you wanted to enjoy in seclusion. Of course, you can’t have the right to enjoy such places privately but you have to agree that some places are so overwhelmed with tourists that you feel, you’ve visited a fish market, and you just wish to leave the place ASAP.
And, that’s the major reason a large chunk of travelers love to travel to unusual spots more than the travel hotspots.


Documentation And Visa

Another thing we hate about traveling is all the document and visa formalities we have to indulge in. We mean it just spoils all the excitement we have for the trip or a particular destination, right?
These formalities are very necessary in major parts of the world and it’s not that easy to pass these formalities.

So, these are a few things that we all hate. But, we can’t do much about all this stuff, so, it’s better to love traveling and ignore such hateful things about it. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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