Traveling on a budget is not much of a task if proper research is done in advance. Plan your trip in advance and have the best trip of your life. You can explore a lot of destinations in the world that are not only affordable but also too gorgeous to be true. We bet, you will love exploring these and have an unforgettable time with your family. We have listed some of the best destinations that must be added to your bucket list right away!


Sri Lanka


Exploring Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations when you are on a budget. It is a power-packed destination with spectacular views, wildlife safaris, lush greenery, and long stretched beaches. This place literally has something for everyone because there is so much to explore and yet so much untamed. You will find a lot of variety of food, sightseeing attractions as well as some renowned remarkable sights. Traveling on a budget is easy to execute here because of so many affordable options. Cut on the costing by booking in advance and have a thrilling experience.
Food: Street food and brew costs around 1.5$-3$.
Accommodation: There are plenty of hostels as well as hotels which you can choose according to your feasibility. Starting from 10$ and going for over 20$, you will find everything.



Surprised? Well, you should know that Egypt is actually not an expensive destination as it is assumed to be. As fancy as the name sounds, Egypt is actually quite affordable when it comes to exploring the town as well as street food options. With gothic vibes, this place has a lot of ancient sites to explore. You can have the best time of your life here and tick this one off your bucket list. Whether it is the existence of ancient tombs or pyramids, this place is truly a dream destination. With an appealing vibe, this place has managed to survive and attract a lot of tourists since forever.
Food: Street food, as well as fancy food, ranges from 4$ to 10$ per person. You can also pick a brew at an affordable price of 2$ bucks.
Accommodation: This place has a lot of historic vibe to it and that’s why there are a lot of fancy options that go around 35$. You can also book hostels ranging around 15$.



One of the most affordable destinations ever, Argentina is a plethora of exotic landscapes as well as art and architecture. This destination has a European vibe and that is why there are a lot of tourists every year. If you love scenic beauty and want to gaze at it in peace for hours, then this is your place to be. Argentina has always been a great travel destination because of so many rugged landscapes, snow peaks, and breathtaking glaciers. Exploring such a place on a budget is truly a bliss and that is why you must pack your bags and move to this destination right away. Food options are in plenty, accommodations are affordable, sightseeing attractions are wholesome- what else do you need?
Food: Beer starts from 10.50$ and food ranges from 4$ to 6$ per person.
Accommodation: Hostels and homestays start from 17$ and are a great option here. Everything is nearby so you can book your stay easily.



Another gorgeous destination on the list. If we had to pick one destination that has a diverse culture, an endless variety of food, and countless places to visit, it would be Nepal. This place has a lot more than you believe it to be. It is one of the most gorgeous destinations resting at the top of the world. With such scenic landscapes, monasteries, glacial lakes, and friendly local inhabitants- you will have a taste of everything here. Nepal is a great place for you and your family to take on exotic safaris and explore the wildlife. Some of the rarest breeds are found here and you are sure to be stunned. Book your hotels or hostels at an affordable price right in the middle of the city and have a great time.
Food: Literally starts at 60 cents and so, you can try a lot of options here.
Accommodation: Basic room fare starts at 6$ and a luxury room starts at 20$. Make your choice according to the budget and explore the best of Nepal.



This one is also one of the most loved destinations ever. It has a great nightlife, food quality and variety, megacities to explore as well as the famous Great Wall of China. With so many exotic places to see, this one will give you travel goals with your family. The food is countless here. You step outside and will literally spot endless options to explore and that too at an affordable price. China has always been a huge foot traffic destination because a lot of people visit this one for the lifestyle. They have unique ways of doing things and that is one of the foremost reasons why this country stands out from the rest.
Food: Street food starts at 1$ and formal dinners go around 5$. You can grab a beer at mere 1.5$ bucks.
Accommodation: Hostels and hotels are a bit expensive but can still be managed with 15$ plus. Book online and avail good discounts.

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