Whenever you are planning a trek for the first time, you should always step out of your comfort zone. Make sure you pitch in your tents and sleep on a hilltop, wake up early to watch the sunrise and thus, have the best time of this trek. So, for an ultimate getaway, you need to be aware of some really important tips that will help you in making this trip a success. Check them out-

The Don’ts

Spraying on a lot of fragrances

The thing is that while you are at your trekking spree, you are all washed out. You get dirty and dusty because you come in direct contact with nature and this is the rawest feeling ever. So, while you are at it, you might not even get a chance to bathe properly because of the lack of amenities. In such a case, you would look for things that can make you feel fresh and what would be a better choice than perfume? But this is definitely a big No. This is because most of the aromas that you apply have a strong identity and they tend to attract a lot of insects and critters. They can cling to your body and even sting you often. So, it is advised to skip using these aromatics.


Wandering off from the Group

First of all, you are a beginner and that reason is sole enough to have you believe the fact that you should never wander alone when on a trek. If you are with a group of friends, simply stick to them and do not think of yourself as a carpe diem. You do not know everything about the place you are in, nor do you have enough safety gear to save yourself from contingencies alone. Even if you have a map and you think you can go for some alone time, it is advised to skip doing this. Everyone wants to explore things themselves but you would not want to do it by risking your life. If in any case you get lost, this might turn out to be a troublesome trip instead of adventure. Trek leads know the trail but what comes off the trail, you never know.


Smoking & Drinking

While you are trekking, you are in close proximity to mother nature. So, you should never hamper with it. There are a lot of other great ideas to have fun and be wild while you are trekking. And smoking and drinking are definitely not one of them. You should always prefer packing healthy food or snacks for your trek. Carry bottled water, disposable or eco-friendly cans for aerated drinks. Even if you carry other plastic cans, make sure to carry a polybag to store all of them after using them. Do not throw them on the way to your trek. This is imperative and only human! Make this trek enjoyable by planning a nice picnic time, dancing on the way, planning campfires, etc. Smoking and drinking should never be on the list. Simply enjoy the feel of the beauty of nature.


The Do’s

Carry a Medical Kit

The foremost thing that you should carry on this trek is a medical and first aid kit. You already know why. A trekking trip is going to be adventurous and it is also going to be wild. But there might be some times when you would encounter some unusual situations. You might come face to face with minor accidents and if not that, you might fall sick. So, whatever it is, you would not want to spoil your trip just because you got an injury or fell sick. So, it is better to have a medical kit handy with you with all other necessary gears. You are the one responsible for your safety, therefore, stuff your bag with all the necessary medicines as well as tonics for a healthy trek.


Push your sleep limits

You are not on this trek to sleep. You are there to have fun and experience the best of mother nature- its beauty in the rawest form. And for that, you need to step out of your comfort zone and push your limits to the edge. Make sure you wake up early in the morning and push your sleep as well as physique limits. The thing about a trek is that it requires as much preparation on the trip as it does before embarking on this trip. You should plan to view the clear sunrise, crystal blue skies and chirping of the birds. This will turn out to be the best experience of your life! Make this trip worthwhile by experiencing these gem moments.

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