We all know that Italy is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Europe. Calabria is one of the best attractions that you can explore in Italy to enjoy a perfect holiday time. This beautiful coastal destination is surrounded by beaches, towns, and attractive mountains that are highly admirable. Through this travel blog, we are here to share some wonderful and mesmerizing places that you can explore in Calabria to enjoy a serene holiday time. If you are ready to plan a wonderfully relaxing trip to Italy then we are here to help you in every way. You just need to simply go through this blog and collect all the information about Calabria tourism.

Calabria is one of the popular Italian city that is surrounded by shorelines, charming towns, and lush vegetation that can leave you breathless. Today with the help of this travel blog we are here to share some amazing details about Calabria tourism that will help you to enjoy a perfect coastal vacation in Italy. So, you can surely take a look at the details that are given below to plan a wonderful seaside trip to Calabria Italy.


Pollino is one of the most attractive and outstanding destinations located in Calabria. This is a beautiful National park surrounded by lush vegetation and considered as one of the spectacular spots for people who want to enjoy hiking activities. This beautiful National park is surrounded by alpine trees and gorgeous mountains that is highly admirable to capture in the camera. Similarly, La Sila, Island Dino, Capo Colonna, and Lungomare falcomatà are some other attractions of Calabria that you can explore to enjoy a fantastic time. This beautiful attraction is highly crowded with tourists and makes them one of the most charming spots to enjoy a perfect coastal vacation in the gorgeous location of Calabria.

Sila National Park

This National park was established in 1997 and is considered as one of the beautiful attractions in the Calabria to admire the wildlife and natural vegetation of nature. This National park has beautiful lakes green surroundings and hilly regions where you can enjoy a picnic and hiking activities to relax in the clean and green environment of the Calabria. Most importantly, this beautiful National park is one of the historical places of Italy that you should visit to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Praia A Mare

We all know that Calabria is very popular for its beaches. Praia A Mare is a pebble beach that is one of the best in the entire City. The shimmering blue waters and the pebbles surrounding are highly admirable and aesthetic enough to capture in the camera. Most importantly, this area is surrounded by sea caves and limestone floor blue grotto that makes it a fantastic spot to explore in Calabria. Apart from that, you can also visit Diamante, Scilla, and Caminia to relax in the beaches surroundings of Calabria.


Tropea is one of the beautiful coastal beaches that are popular for its turquoise green waters and whites and surrounding. This is the most mesmerizing and relaxing spot for tourist people to enjoy sunny weather in the coastal region of Calabria. This beach offers people to relax in the breezy weather and to enjoy swimming activities to have great fun. Calabria indeed is one of the charming towns where you can explore the most fabulous and authentic cafes and restaurants to enjoy a perfect local food experience.

Therefore, these were the best attractions that you can explore in the charming city of Calabria to enjoy a spectacular family vacation to collect the best memories. Hence, we hope that this travel blog has delivered you all the details regarding the top attractions that you can explore in Calabria and if you have any kind of queries regarding traveling then you can surely check out our website.

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