The beautiful amalgamation of east and west cultures tells a lot about one of the world’s most unique places, Macau. Situated in close proximity to Hong Kong, Macau is a fun travel destination in China. It attracts huge flocks of visitors annually. The opulent appearance and glitzy effect can be almost too overwhelming for the visitors, but it is what it is, after all, it’s Macau we are talking about. Considering Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal, it is known as the most popular gambling hub in the country.

Macau is basically an updated version of Las Vegas- bigger and more money. Visiting this city can be an extraordinary experience; you can get to do things which you have never experienced before. Macau is a place like no other, you can have a really great time in the city, but it’s also easy to go wrong when you are visiting any place for the first time.

Therefore, if it’s your first time visiting Macau, then you should know a few things about this city that can make your experience even better and more eventful.


Macau uses two types of currencies

One of the many things that make Macau unique and fascinating is its currency. Instead of using just one type of currency, Macau uses two types of currencies- the Macanese Pataca and Hong Kong dollars. If you are paying in Hong Kong dollars, then you will receive change in Macanese Pataca. Out of the two currencies, the Macanese Pataca is the official currency of Macau, but both of these currencies are accepted and used throughout the city.


Ways to get around the city

Macau has a good public transport system, and there are different ways to get around the city. But when it comes to choosing between taxis and buses, we would suggest opting for buses as they are more reliable than taxis. Although taxis are pretty affordable, the language barrier can be a problem unless you have asked the hotel staff to explain to the driver where you want to go. Most hotels and casinos in the city have reliable bus services, buses are way more reliable than taxis when it comes to getting around the city.


The city is brimming with casinos

If you are into gambling, then you are in luck as Macau is overpacked with casinos. A lot of money is gambled in Macau’s casinos, and it is nothing compared to Las Vegas’ casinos. You can gamble in a new casino every day throughout your stay in Macau, and you still won’t be able to explore all the casinos in the city, that’s how many casinos are there in the city.


The official language of Macau

There are not one but two official languages of Macau- Cantonese, and Portuguese. Of the two languages, Cantonese is spoken the most by the locals. Apart from these two languages, most locals understand English, especially if you are visiting casinos or popular tourist attractions. You can try to learn some words in these languages to come across as a smart traveler.


The best time to visit Macau

Much like any other place in the world, there is a right time to visit Macau. It is recommended to visit Macau between October and December. The weather during these three months remains more comfortable than other months. Macau in summers can be very hot, humid, and sweaty, if you don’t want to spend most of your time staying indoors in the cool air conditioning, then you should try planning your trip to Macau between October and December.

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