Situated in the heart of Central Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the most picturesque countries you will ever go to. It has everything that one looks for- history, art and culture, landscape views and food that is tempting enough to hover over your mind. Everything in this place will be worth visiting so if you are there, these are the top 5 things you should not let go of. Have a look!


Visit the historic Prague Castle

No visit to the Czech Republic is complete without visiting this historic Prague Castle. You just cannot leave the country without paying your visit to this place because it is a blend of history, culture, politics, and everything interesting. Located in Hradcany, Prague Castle is undoubtedly the city’s most popular tourist attraction because it has been the seat of Czech rulers for the longest time and thus, it has those vintage vibes to it. If you love to dwell on history and culture, then a guided tour of this castle would give you the best insight into the history of the Czech Republic. The main highlight of this place is the gothic church St. Vitus Cathedral which is as massive and breathtaking as you can deem it to be. Go for a guided tour to this place to fully explore this one and have the best day in the Czech Republic.


Stroll through the Charles Bridge

Another gorgeous attraction in the Czech Republic is this Charles Bridge which remains crowded all the time. This bridge is not just a regular bridge because it has as many as 30 replicas of religious statues that have been carved and curated so beautifully. You will gaze at this beauty for a long time and will love to go for a stroll here. Simply going for a walk here while you are in the Czech Republic will give you the best time of your vacation. The views are breathtaking with pleasant air all around. The striking religious statues have been carved with such intricate detailing that for once, you will stop and gaze in awe at this beautiful Charles Bridge. One of the favorite activities of localities, add this one to your list right away.


Drink beer like a Czech

The Czech Republic claims to offer the best beer in the world and that too in a lot of varieties. So, if you are here, then you should grab a beer or two in almost every type and have a taste of all of them. This country literally drinks more beer per capita than anywhere else in the world. So, this is definitely one of the first things you should do in Czech. The best part about beers here is that they are not just created for the sake of drinking. There is a mixture of art and tradition to them. Detailing and precision have taken a toll on everyone when it comes to studying about beers. Czech people like their beer to be light and chilled. So, grab one for yourself at a renowned microbrewery and have a great evening.


Gaze at Prague’s Astronomical Clock

One of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world, this one is still functioning and we are amazed by its beauty. If you are in the Czech Republic looking for some touristy things to do, then you must visit this place for all the good reasons. This iconic clock is definitely worth visiting because it is a mechanical wonder and we are so amazed by the way it has been built. The history of its existence goes back to the year 1410 and it still stands tall in all its glory. Located in the Old town square, this clock is truly an achievement in mechanics and engineering. It strikes every hour to show the time and thus, is one of the best things you will spot in the Czech Republic. Admire its architecture and have a great time at this place.


Hike across Bohemian Switzerland

A picturesque region in the Czech Republic, this is one of the most gorgeous surroundings there. With so much to view, the landscape of this place is truly commendable. It takes into picture an exclusive range of mountains, greenery as well as landscape. Situated in the northwestern part of the country, it is home to two national parks as well. Anyone who is fond of nature and loves to dwell deep into it will love exploring this place. Apart from this, this area also boasts sandstone structures and sculptures that are not only intriguing but also one of the largest ones in Europe. Hike through this place and have a great day spent!

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