Scandinavia’s smallest kingdom, Denmark is a gorgeous destination comprising of the Jutland Peninsula and other numerous islands. The reason why it is being referred to as a kingdom is its royal history. Centuries ago, there was a time when the Royal Family resided here and made this a sovereign state. This is the reason why Denmark is a plethora of so many exotic palaces and castles. If you are here, you would love to explore this place because it has so much to offer. With a vibrant atmosphere and ready-to-have fun crowd, Denmark is one of the most lively destinations. Also, Denmark has some stunning natural views and landscapes that are worth the view. Floating sand dunes, pristine islands, wildlife in its natural habitat are all major things to see and explore in this beautiful kingdom.
If you are planning your next trip to Denmark, then you will be delighted to see so much from a new perspective. Give your fun side a chance and dwell in the most thrilling things there!

Visit the Copenhagen Zoo

A country with a gorgeous capital. There is no way that you are coming back from Denmark without visiting and exploring its iconic capital. Copenhagen is a world-famous capital because it has so much to offer. For instance, its beautiful and vast Zoo, ski slopes and happy city life. Copenhagen zoo is said to be one of the oldest zoos in Europe after it was first opened in 1859. Stretching over an area of 27 acres, this zoo is a vast place to have fun and frolic time with your family. Not only the landscape views but the number of wildlife variety and animals that you are going to see here is worth it. This zoo houses 264 different species with as many as 3,000 animals in their natural habitat. Also, the best thing about this zoo is that it has different sections that you can explore turn by turn. Tropical Zoo, Children’s Zoo, rainforests to name a few.

Climb the Rabjerg Mile

A sand dune mountain, Rabjerg Mile is one of the best sites in Denmark. You cannot afford to miss seeing this one and for more thrill, even climb it. Located near Skagen in the North Jutland region, this is the largest moving sand dune in all of Northern Europe. Yes, it is a floating mountain and is said to have shifted to the North East up to 18 meters every year. For almost 300 years now, this floating sand dune has been shifting and thus making its way towards one of the most iconic sites in Denmark. You can literally encounter this changed position and witness it as one of the premium destinations there. Every year thousands of tourists visit this site to witness the enormous marvel.

Go to the Thy National Park

Opened to the public on 22 August 2008, Thy national park is a must-visit for all the tourists in Denmark. It offers plenty of things to do and see so that you have the most thrilling time of your life. It is nestled in Northwest Jutland covering an area of 244 kilometers and offers an amazing view of the coastline. Every national park offers exotic wildlife that you can witness from your eyes. And this national park is one such incredible park that has rugged landscapes as well as vast pine penetrating forests. Apart from exploring the national park, flora and fauna and incredible animals, you can also indulge in fun activities like hiking and biking for an adventurous time. Birdwatching is also a thing here as you can see more than 30 species of birds in the park.

Find the Buried Church in Skagen

Home to a buried church, the seaside area of Skagen is a must-visit for all the tourists. This seaside area is home to Den Tilsandede Kirke and is dedicated to Saint Laurence who was the saint of seafarer’s. This story has been prevalent since the 14th century and has been a superficial but amazing site since then. During that arena, it was famed as the largest church in the region but with the course of time, nearby sand has started to cover the building and burying it bit by bit in the ground. Slowly, the entire church was buried by the sand and so, it was shut down in the year 1795. But today, it is a historical site in Denmark as you can see the main tower poking out of the sand dunes. It looks equally beautiful.

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