While you may have heard of white sand beaches all your life and may even have visited quite a few of them but there’s something very fascinating and compelling about black sand beaches. Just the name is enough to excite anyone of us and that’s the actual beauty of these black sand beaches. The world is full of unique, extraordinary, and one of a kind places that offer an experience that’s truly unforgettable and enriching at the same time. And visiting one of these black sand beaches can just be an ultimate way to gain such experience and dive yourself into the world of sand and water. The view on such beaches can never be described in words until you have seen it for real, the contrasting effect that blue water creates with black sand just looks so breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Black sand beaches might not be the perfect spot for sunbathing but they definitely are a piece of art that just looks too good to be true.

While black sand beaches might not be available in bountiful numbers across the world but the ones that we have are truly unique and beautiful in their own way. Listed below are some of the black sand beaches around the world that ooze nothing but indefinite beauty.


Perissa beach

Situated on the southern coast of Santorini near Mount Vouno, Perissa beach is possibly one of the best black sand beaches you can visit across the world. It is also one of Greece’s most popular beaches that lure thousands of visitors each year. If you have been wanting to explore a beach that is not only known for its spectacular beauty but rich history as well, then this is the place for you. Perissa beach boasts of some of the ruins of ancient Thira and shady palapas that allow you to just sit relax and sunbathe whilst enjoying the stunning view of the surrounding that also encompasses the Mount Vouno which is situated off the distance.


Punaluu beach

With Hawaii being one of the most popular beach destinations around the world, it’s quite obvious to expect some of the most gorgeous and unique beaches. While you will be able to find quite a good number of white sand beaches that are beautiful and amazing in their own way but if you want to explore an offbeat beach destination in the state then Punaluu beach is your safest bet as it is unlike any other beach in Hawaii. It is one of the black sand beaches in Hawaii which boasts of breathtaking views, where the blue water creates a stunning contrast with black sand. The constant volcanic activity has played a major part in adding to the black appearance of the sand. If you’re lucky enough then you may also get a chance to witness several endangered species on the beach basking in the sun such as green sea turtle and hawksbill turtle.


Stokksnes beach

This is yet another one of the most amazing and unique beaches you will ever come across. Stokksnes beach is located in a magical place itself, Iceland. Apart from boasting of black sand and the gorgeous view, this beach is a perfect spot to soak in the sunset and sunrise as well. The black dunes and the dramatic Vestrahorn Mountain that towers over the beach form a part of this beautiful spot.


Anse Chastanet

This is a perfect black sand beach destination for your vacation. The Caribbean island is mostly known for its glittering white sand and stunning views but it is home to much more than that. The island is home to some of the most gorgeous black sand beaches and Anse Chastanet tops them all. Situated in Saint Lucia, this tropical beach is all you need to explore when in the country. The beach never fails to amaze you with its indefinite beauty and for safety reasons as well. You can also enjoy some fun and exciting water-based activities including swimming in the sea. The swaying palm trees lined on the beach adds to the beauty of this place and provides an experience that is truly unforgettable.


Black sands beach

Situated on the lost coast of northern California, the black sands beach is another of the most popular and unique black sand beaches around the world. Unlike any other beach that we have mentioned above, black sands beach is located in a very secluded region which makes it a perfect spot for people who like to spend their time at the beach in solitude with nothing but calmness around the beach.

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