This gorgeous capital city of Belgium is one of the most charming places ever. With an easy-going happy vibe, concrete architectures, gothic museums, and beautiful cathedrals, this one will grab your heart like nothing else. Brussels is known for its amazing views, great history, and fascinating streets. Walking through this place will give you the most happening experience of your life because everything is just so playful. If you are planning a holiday, you must visit this one for the perfect package of art, architecture, history as well as fun and frolic.

Below are some of the main places to visit in Brussels that are absolutely the best. Have a look and embark on this amazing journey!


Grand Place

Grand Place is the city’s main plaza located right in the central old town of Brussels. This is one of the oldest and well-preserved places in Brussels which attracts a lot of tourists. For its divine beauty, spacious square, and gothic architectural buildings- this Grand Place is the first thing you should see in Brussels. Belgium is obviously a hub of architectural structures and this one has plenty of them. The best thing about this place is that the buildings are carved with ornated stonework as well as gold decoration. This site is to die for. The history of this square dates back to the era of 1700 and thus, is recognized worldwide.


Mannekin Pis

This is the landmark for Brussels and is famous among the tourists for its beauty. Manneken Pis is a bronze sculpture with a height of 61 cm of a naked boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. This iconic sculpture is standing right in the center of Brussels in the public space. Many stories have revolved around this one and it is even called the ‘oldest citizen of Brussels.’ This statue has attracted a lot of tourists for its unique beauty because there is no other view you will see similar to this one. Being a public square, it is crowded and has a lot of major celebrations and events. It encounters the best of lively streets and people dressed in fancy costumes.


Comic Strip Centre

This one is the perfect sightseeing place for your family and kids. With so many comic characters coming out in a life-size sculpture in front of you, this one will make your kids happy. You never know, it might bring out the kid in you also. This is the most playful place in Brussels and has a lot of admiration for its creativity and artwork. Everything is so pretty here that you would just want to play around and have fun. There are different sections of different comic characters like Tintin, Asterix, Smurfs and other characters too. The sight of all these characters right from the book will give you an unforgettable journey for life.


Atomium and Mini Europe

This one is a prized possession for Brussels because of such breathtaking beauty. This one gives definition to the existence of Brussels and is truly a heartfelt sight. If you look at it from an aerial view, you are sure to get the chills because of such an amazing architecture. This iconic wonderland is made from steel and aluminum and is definitely one of the best models ever made. This mini Europe tour will take you through the best views and you will remember it forever. Book your tickets in advance as this place experiences a lot of localities as well as tourists.


St. Michael Cathedral

This gothic cathedral has been a part of Brussels since the 15th century and is an impressive one to date. If you look at it, it will be the most spectacular view you will ever see. This cathedral with great history, intricate architecture and outstanding furnishing will take your heart away. As beautiful it is on the inside, as much it is on the outside. It is worthy of all your time and will be a remembrance forever. Anyone looking for peace and tranquility must visit this gorgeous church and dwell in the history and beauty of this place.


Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Belgium’s Royal museum is one of the finest ones ever made. There are a lot of museums worth visiting but the collection of this one will give you the utmost satisfaction. Once you step inside, you will be stunned to see the variation of artwork here because it is just too much. Your eyes will get tired looking at them but your heart will want more of it. This museum of Fine Arts is curated into different sections and each of them beautifully defining every era and period. The art gallery in this place has masterpieces of famous artists like Van Dyke, Brueghel, and Rubens.

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