Apart from skyscraper buildings, Dubai is also famous for its long-stretch beaches. There is so much you can do there apart from exploring the gigantic sand dunes. Dubai is a complete package for everyone, from each and every age group. It has some of the most gigantic malls and skyline buildings. But it also has the most gorgeous beaches and those who have been to this place will agree. Take your family to these fun and frolic beaches for the ultimate vacation and soak in the breezy air and sunshine of Dubai. Look out for the best beaches here and thank us later!


Sunset Beach

Just like the name, this beach will give you the ultimate vibe of being at the most beautiful beach ever. With Burj Al Arab in the backdrop, this beach is something else. You wouldn’t have seen a view this pretty ever. If you love beaches, this one is a must-visit for its white-sand, coral skies and breathtaking views as the sun goes down. The Sunset beach lies midway between the Arabian Gulf and Umm Sequim Park and makes for the perfect beach spot in Dubai. Explore this beauty with your friends and family, dip yourself in the crystal water, soak in the sun, and have some really delicious food. You can also surf the beach and have a great adventurous time as well.


Kite Beach

This one is a picturesque beach because of the name itself. You hear something, you imagine something. So, the same is the case with this one. This Kite beach is the prime beach in Dubai for all adventure lovers. Adventure of each and every kind can be spotted here from beginners to professionals. If you are up for kite surfing, you are welcome to the most gorgeous beach in Dubai with such colorful skies. Other major adventure sports include wakeboarding, kayaking and standing paddleboarding as well. Such extreme water sports are meant for professionals and are carried under due attention by lifesavers. Have delicious food and explore this one with all the vibe.


La Mer

You will spot this beauty in old Dubai and oh, it is totally worth it! Although this one lies in the heart of old Dubai, it is a totally new development. La Mer is one of the finest beaches with exotic views as well as services. With live dining, shopping spree and never-ending entertainment, this one will be a delightful visit for sure. You can spend a perfect day sitting by the beach looking at waves coming in and going away. You can also plan a picnic with your family at this beach and explore the most beautiful things ever. It features special corners for kids as well with colorful trampolines, waterparks, and rides. Do not miss out on this one!


The Beach, JBR

Lying midway between the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina in the south, this one is a complete package beach in Dubai. You will find the tastiest food serving restaurants, gym area as well as watersports at this beach. No wonder it is a power-packed place for obvious reasons. This beach has something for everyone and that’s why there is so much everyone can do here. For the most amazing feeling, grab your monokinis, hire a cabana chair and relax on it listening to the sound of waves. The sun is right on your head so you will definitely have a nice sunburn vibe. There are yoga and gym classes as well at this beach for the elderly which is definitely a plus point.


Black Palace Beach

Do not go by the name but this one is actually one of the most gorgeous beaches in Dubai. A prized possession and a well-kept gem here, this black palace beach sits peacefully between the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. This is a well-known place for all the locals as well as tourists. It is actually famous because of its name and that’s why you must visit this one. A lot of facilities like sunbeds and kiosks are found here with charming views. If you are looking for breathtaking views, this beach will give you exactly that. Explore this beautiful beach in all its glory and have a fun-filled vacation.

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