It’s impossible to talk about Thailand without mentioning its stunning islands. This beautiful country is home to a plethora of idyllic islands that add to the beauty and exuberance of this place. Thailand has always been one of the most favorite tourist destinations for a lot of travelers, it draws huge crowds every year, and that tells a lot about its popularity as a famous tourist destination. The reasons to love Thailand are many, but the one that stands out the most is the existence of hundreds of islands and islets scattered throughout the country.

Visiting Thailand can never be a dull affair, with the number of things to see and do here that mostly revolve around islands, you are sure to have a truckload of fun when in the country. But at the same time, it can get a bit confusing to choose among hundreds of islands and figuring out which ones are the best to explore. While we know choosing among different options can be one of the most difficult things to do, we can help make things easier for you. Ahead, we have put together a list of some beautiful islands that you should definitely add to your Thailand bucket list.


Koh Lanta

Situated in close proximity to Phuket, Koh Lanta is a quiet and less developed island in Thailand. Talking about the vibe of this place, it’s pretty relaxing and calming. The visitors often spend hours just relaxing and basking in the sun on the soft sand while listening to the beautiful sounds of the water. The island is home to a myriad of gorgeous beaches and bays. Of all the beaches, Long Beach is the best one. Apart from island hopping, you can also try snorkeling and kayaking on this island.


Koh Lipe

Travelers seeking remote destinations should look no further than Koh Lipe Island. Situated on the west side of Thailand, Koh Lipe Island is a romantic place, making it ideal for all the hopelessly romantics out there. Tourists seeking a unique island experience often find themselves on this island; despite receiving huge crowds, the island manages to preserve its serene vibe. You can find an array of accommodations, bars, and restaurants on this island, additionally, it offers great diving and snorkeling experiences.


Koh Tao

Koh Tao is yet another stunning island in Thailand, it once was popular for being one of the best scuba diving sites in Thailand, but it shortly gained huge popularity among other tourists as well. This island receives a huge crowd, out of which, most of them are the ones who either want to do scuba diving or take a scuba diving course. Apart from that, the island is also known for a vibrant nightlife, cute lantern-lit restaurants, etc.


Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the second-largest island in Thailand; it is home to a myriad of stunning and idyllic beaches that boast turquoise waters and soft sands. Koh Chang Island is in close proximity to Bangkok, but it is often overlooked in favor of other popular islands. The island boasts lush greenery and breathtaking views that often leave the visitors in awe. You can engage in various types of activities on this island such as hiking, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.



Phuket is perhaps the most popular destination in Thailand; it can be spotted on almost every traveler’s bucket list. It is not only easily accessible and high developed but also remains pretty crowded due to obvious reasons. From shopping malls and bustling nightclubs to famous tourist attractions and truckloads of fun activities, Phuket is a lively place, you can have so much fun exploring this island.

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