One of the best destinations in North America is this incredible Mexico with its increasingly popular beautiful sites. Mexico has a lot of famous attractions and everyone around the world has craved to visit this one at least once for obvious reasons. If you are looking for archeological sites, art, and historical structures, architecture, and culture on the streets, we must tell you that Mexico has the best of everything. Along with some amazing sites, it is also home to some incredible palm beaches which will give you the most peace and tranquility. The rich culture of this place and friendly people, this one has the most awestruck stories as well. Look out for these incredible destinations and have a great time in Mexico.


Playa del Carmen

If you are looking for happy and chill vibes, then go to this place first as a head start for your entire vacation. This place is true bliss in your sight and has the most amazing views. This hippie place will give you the most fun and frolic on the entire journey. It is a coastal town with breezy air, serene waves and a lot of happy vibes in the air. With such cool vibes, you can have the best of your time sitting right on the shoreline of the palm stretch beaches. The temperature is quite pleasant in the daytime and is cool in the evening. You can visit from October to March for great weather.

Puerto Vallarta

One of the most popular destinations in Mexico is this gorgeous place. Puerto Vallarta is this Pacific coastal city which is visited by a lot of people during the year. Because of a perfect blend of warmth and pleasant weather in the air, this one will give you really amazing vibes. Just breathing in the air of Puerto Vallarta has a lot of effect on any person. This one has an old town to it as well apart from the beaches. If you explore and dig deep into it, you will know that it still has some untapped corners. They are waiting for your footsteps so that you can tame them just the right away. The city is full of life, crazy vibes as well as green spaces.


Copper Canyon

Also called Mexico’s Grand Canyon, this one is a gigantic sight for you. One of the most popular places in Mexico is Chihuahua which shares the border with New Mexico in the US. Amidst this boundary lies the Great Canyon which is Mexico’s most visited attractions. With a spectacular view and lush greenery, this place is something else. Located in the region of Sierra Madre Occidental, it consists of some really incredible penetrating canyons. The Copper Canyon is the largest and that’s why it is one of the most prominent sights here. There are a lot of options in Mexico for your visit but this one is close to nature and thus deserves all your time and money.


The Historic Center

One of the most beautiful sights ever. The Historic center in Mexico is a world-class attraction with everything you need to see. Since Mexico is associated with history, art, and culture in full toll, this one deserves your attention for obvious reasons. It has some incredible museums as well as art galleries. This Historic center is a 15-kilometer UNESCO World Heritage Site and has the most beautiful interiors ever. It boasts more than 1400 colonial buildings that date back to the 16th century. This period from the 16th to 19th century has a lot of stories that you can unfold in this Historic center.


The Mayan Metropolis

If you are looking for a popular day excursion, this one will satisfy you the most. This one is a renowned archeological site with great views. You will spot one of the biggest and also the oldest restored sites in history. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we have no doubt about it. A must-see for everyone who is in Mexico, this one has really scintillating views. You must look for the massive El Castillo which is standing tall at a height of 30 meters and is one of the tallest ones here. Another one is Caracol which observes a 1000 yeard old observatory. With such sites, you will find this one as the best thing in Mexico.

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