To the south of the Caribbean Sea, in the Kingdom of Netherlands is the stunning island nation, Aruba. It is among the four countries that form the Kingdom of Netherlands.
If you love traveling to the coastal areas, Aruba is the best choice! Whether you’re looking for an exotic honeymoon destination or a relaxing spot for a reunion with your friends, this is what we would recommend you!
However, if you’re new to the place, reading on this guide will help you get started. From the best time to travel, the weather of the country, cost, to the length of your stay, we have covered everything a first-timer to Aruba must know. So, let’s get started!


Travel Cost

Aruba is an expensive travel destination. If you’re a seasoned traveler you must have known that Caribbean destinations are quite expensive. But we believe it’s worth the cost. The place is full of exquisiteness that blows your mind and fills your soul and heart with joy.
Food, accommodation, travel, and adventure sports are expensive here and it can cost you around $3,643 for two people for a week (including food, travel, and accommodation).


Best Time To Travel

Endless opportunities are waiting for you if you travel to Aruba from April to August. From April to August, the country experiences a balmy climate that facilities you to take so many activities that we think you can’t take if you’re traveling during other months.
In these months there is less probability of tropical storms thus we would recommend you to visit the country from April to August.
Also, this time is relatively cheaper as visiting the country during the peak season i.e. January to March you can experience triggers in the accommodation prices and everything else.


Tap Water Is Safe

Tap water in the country is generally safe to drink except if you’re visiting the countryside or remote places. The safe drinking facility makes it very easy to just refill your water bottle any time you want and avoid the need for buying a water bottle each time, believe us this can save a lot of money.
However, if you’re traveling to remote places we won’t recommend you rely on tap water instead buy mineral water bottles. Water is really important to carry out your trip smoothly thus make sure while you’re wandering around the country you don’t skip drinking water!



The country is generally safe and there are no crimes against tourists that have ever been reported. Thus, if you’re looking for the safest destinations in the world, you can consider Aruba.
However, we would suggest you follow your gut feeling and trust your instincts. To avoid any unforeseen situation always deal with a trusted source that is reliable and has years of experience. For instance, if you’re looking for outdoor activities on the beach always avail from a trusted source even if it’s costly as your money would be in safe hands.



The main languages in the country are Dutch and Papiamento but English is also widely spoken throughout the country thus you won’t face any difficulty via communicating with the locals in the country. You can also spot the Spanish language also being widely spoken in the country thus Aruba is a multilingual country and mass tourism won’t face any difficulty traveling here.

So, this is all that you need to know being a first-timer to Aruba. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help and the information helps you in planning an ideal vacay.

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