You are on a happy vacation after so many months of the same boring, monotonous routine. But one mistake and whole of your trip can get ruined in no time. So you should always remain very cautious with your belongings. It should not be like you stop somewhere to have your favorite ice cream, and you keep your bag on the nearest chair. And when you turn around, it’s gone. Never let it run out of sight even if you have to keep it away from you. Just imagine you lose the bag you have put your credit cards, wallets, and cash into. How would you feel? Miserable, you would not like to experience the rest of your vacation. I hope it does not happen. But in case it does, we have provided you with tips to work out the worst-case scenario.


Cancel your Debit and Credit cards

If you lose your wallet, first of all, don’t panic. Picture what all did you have in your wallet and how you can replace them? The initial step should be to cancel all the stolen credit and debit cards within a period of a maximum of two days. Keep in mind to call the global-assistance centers collect as the local numbers won’t work there. Store the numbers beforehand to avoid panic. You just need to tell them the type of card and name of the bank with your credit card details and identification-verification details. Also, tell them the mobile phone carrier in case you also lost your phone.


Replace your passport

I think more than money and other precious belongings; a passport is a thing that comes on the top of the list of important things. You can leave the country one or the other way without money but not without the passport. Other difficulties will also be welcomed along with it like you would be unable to check-in to your hotel. So in case you lose your passport, go to the closest American embassy. It usually lies in the capital city; otherwise, check a local phone book to know details regarding the same. Get your replacement passport within a few days. You can also get the process done faster by listing appropriate reasons. And don’t worry if you don’t have enough funds as the embassy would help you to contact someone from your home.


Use the Internet

What is a human’s best friend these days if you have lost every contact? Of course, the Internet. So take advantage of the wi-fi of your hotel or any other place to track down the contact details of the nearest US embassy or your bank. You would better know what to find out as it would suit your needs at that time of the hour. If you need any information you have stored online, you can also do that and can also take help from folks back home.


Keep track of your Stuff

Sometimes it happens that your stuff might not get stolen, you would simply forget in haste over someplace with the most common one being the taxis. It often happens that you leave your passport under the pillow or bags on the overhead racks of the bus. So what should do in such kind of scenarios? First of all, be alert, don’t put your bag here and there in a state of tiredness. It generally happens when you are standing in a long queue at a train station or a bus stop. Be in physical contact with your stuff. Take advantage of the small GPS-tracking devices available nowadays. Losing your phone is not such a big thing of worry now as you can easily get it back by using efficient location services.

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