The longest and the thinnest country in the world, Chile is crammed with breathtaking naturalscape. This Latin American charm is home to the world’s driest desert, continent’s most spectacular national park, an impressive wine production, lively culture, friendly locals, world-renowned cities, and mesmerizing architecture.
Chile is a country rich in contrast and that clearly reflects in the people, scenery, and cuisine of the country. If you want to capture raw and dizzyingly attractive natural scenery, Chile is a huge draw. You can spot volcanoes, parched deserts, salt lakes, geysers, Sandstone Mountains, pristine beaches, everything at this end of the world. This natural diversity makes Chile an ideal spot for Avant grade travelers. Often travel to Chile is associated with its capital city Santiago but Chile is beyond Santiago and every corner of the country is jam-packed with an extraordinary landscape and striking monuments.

Visiting Chile first-time can be quite overwhelming. Though the country is easy to navigate and move around still it could be hard to choose what places to visit in Chile during the itinerary. So, we have scooped out the notable places that you should definitely add to your Chile itinerary. Keep scrolling!


The Plaza De Armas- Santiago

Plaza De Armas is known to be the heart of the capital city, since the founding of the city in 1541. If you fly to Santiago you should definitely kick-off your Chile itinerary visiting this place. Plaza DE Armas is the main square of the city and contains the city’s most iconic and important buildings. You can roam in the square and witness the captivating architecture of this colonial empire. The square also has a very striking foundation which is shaded by more than a hundred Chilean palm trees- that is something notable to witness. To get soaked in a spectacular rooftop view of the city- Santiago’s heart The Plaza De Armas is waiting for you!



Valparaiso is the central and the most popular port in the country. It’s your ideal spot if you want to get soaked in an adventurous seaside quest. The port town definitely owes a one day trip if you will to stop at Santiago. Visiting Valparaiso is dotted with Chilean culture and unique and indelible memories. You can discover funky shore side walkways and steep hills on your visit to this interesting port town- Valparaiso. We would highly recommend this place.


Atacama Desert

The world’s most arid desert that is bestowed with an extraordinary landscape is worth visiting. You can spend some of the most amazing moments of your trip here. Gazing the stars from the untainted gloomy skies while drinking the Chilean wine seems a perfect getaway and that’s what the place offers to you. Chile’s Atacama Desert has never recorded rain yet there are hundreds of species of plants growing that call for a remarkable experience. The weather here is very hot so the best time to visit the place would be December, January, and February.



Arica is called as the “city of everlasting spring”. This northernmost city is home to sandy beaches, iconic sites, nineteenth-century architecture, pretty squares, palm trees, balmy weather, and lively atmosphere. Arica is deemed to be the most popular holiday destination among the Chileans. You can do many fun things in Arica but the most hyped thing every visitor to Arica does is relishing a tour to Lauca National Park- a scenic National Park with volcanoes, Flamingoes, and high altitude lakes.
Arica is the most underrated tourist spot but believe us the place is full of surprise that will blow your mind.

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