Rich in culture and acing in architecture, Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia. It boasts exclusive beauty everywhere and has the potential to take your heart away with such gorgeous attractions. From museums to gorgeous parklands to galleries, Brisbane has everything to make you happy and make this trip of yours a fun-filled one!


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Opened in 1927, the world’s oldest and largest Koala sanctuary, this Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the most popular attraction in Brisbane. This sanctuary houses about 100 species of Australian wildlife and this is definitely one of the best sights in Brisbane. Anything you do, you must not miss going to this one. With a plethora of the most exotic wildlife, this is the place to be. You’ll get to see some of the most exquisite animals in their natural habitat and have the most thrilling time of your trip here. Get in contact with unusual Koalas, kangaroos, wombats, etc. and many other unseen breeds of animals. Amongst the unusual animals, you will also spot some common animals and birds like parrots, cockatoos, etc. This is a top-rated destination in Brisbane where you can get in close with cute Australian animals and thus, no visit to Brisbane is complete without visiting this iconic sanctuary.


South Bank Parklands

South Bank Parklands is one of the most popular places in the city and welcomes localities as well as tourists in huge numbers. Amidst the gorgeous city of Brisbane, this is a great place for chilling the entire day. Amidst the park, you will find lush green lawns and rainforest penetrating deep with pretty fountains on the way. This place has the most vivid and vibrant atmosphere. It is a premier lifestyle and cultural destination that offers world-class entertainment and leisure activities as well. With so much to do, you would not want to leave this place. Look out for gorgeous plazas and restaurants offering the most fun activities, shopping centers as well as mouth-watering food in cute cafes. This playful environment is the perfect place to have fun and power-packed entertainment all day. This lively place is one of the best places to visit in Brisbane.


Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha

Opened to the public since 1976, these botanic gardens are literally one of the best places you will visit in Brisbane. Lying peacefully at the foot of Mount Coot-tha, these gardens are a must-visit attraction for everyone going to Brisbane. Scattered over an area of 128 acres, these gardens are a unique place to be because of exclusive themes and a variety of flora. If you have a divine love for nature, this place will be a delightful visit for you. Apart from the gorgeous variety of horticulture that this garden houses, you have the opportunity to explore its famous Japanese garden as well as a Bonsai house. It also houses the largest collection of Australian rainforest trees within its boundaries along with cactus and fern houses. It is truly a beautiful place to be where you can spend a few hours and appreciate the natural beauty in Brisbane. Go for free guided walks as well as minibus tours.


Roma Street Parkland

World’s largest sub-tropical urban garden, this Roma Street Parkland is a must-visit for everyone visiting Brisbane. Amidst the city’s skyline buildings is this gorgeous garden which offers beautiful views as well as a peaceful time for everyone out there. The best part about this parkland is that it boasts hell lot of greenery in the form of rainforests. It also houses some incredible water bodies shining amidst this greenery. This site is truly to die for! You will love to visit this themed garden because there is so much you can do here. Have a nice picnic time with your family and cook barbeque in the evening. This is one of the most tranquil places you will find in Brisbane with exotic landscape views as well. It spreads over an area of 16 hectares, so you would lobe to stroll around in this park and gaze at the perfect landscape views. The famous amphitheater of this place is a major attraction.


Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

Brisbane is a hub of culture and art and thus, this Gallery of modern art is a famous part of this cultural center. After you are done exploring the city for all the beauty in the world, this place would take you back towards passion and style. Queensland Gallery of modern art is one of the most renowned places in Brisbane and is also the largest one in Australia if we look at contemporary art. With artwork from renowned artists from around the world, you will get to spot international exhibitions too. These are a major feature of this place and house exquisite and commendable work. GOMA also houses the Children’s Art Center so that your kids have a great time exploring that particular section. A place for adults as well as kids- this one is a must-visit.

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