Everything about road trips is incredibly fun and exhilarating, except for the part where you are supposed to drive, that too a long distance. While driving is like a piece of cake for some, one thing that’s common in all types of drivers is the struggle to stay awake while being in the driver’s seat. 10 minutes of driving and people already start to feel sleepy and really struggle to keep their eyes open. First things first, driving any kind of vehicle is a big responsibility, the person driving the vehicle should keep their eyes and ears open to stay safe while on the road. But sleep can be a huge hindrance while driving, and that can put you and others at risk, which is not acceptable. So what can be done in that case?

It’s hard to have control over sleep, especially if you’re sleep deprived or traveling long distances, but you certainly can keep yourself fully awake when behind the wheel by following some tips. We have rounded up a list of some useful tips that will help you stay awake on long drives.


Eat healthy meals

Food plays a major role in keeping you awake while driving, and no, junk food isn’t the right choice of meal. You need to eat healthy meals to build long-lasting stamina in order to keep yourself from feeling drowsy while driving long distances. You can keep a few healthy snacks within your reach to munch on throughout your journey. Also, make sure that the meal or snack you are eating contains an abundant amount of protein and complex carbohydrates. Foods with too much sugar or salt won’t be able to offer the long-lasting stamina you need while driving.


Have something caffeinated

Drinking caffeine is one of the most popular methods of staying awake while on the road. Sometimes all your body needs is a jolt of caffeine in order to feel more active. If you start to feel a bit drowsy while driving, you should prefer having something caffeinated such as coffee. You can either prepare coffee on your own in your car itself or purchase it on the road and try drinking black coffee if you can tolerate it. Also, you shouldn’t have too much coffee; it can leave your body dehydrated.


Bring a friend with you

Traveling alone not only feels pretty boring at times, but it can also make you feel a bit drowsy. Therefore, you should always try bringing a travel companion when hitting the road. Having a travel companion, especially if it’s your friend, can prove to be of great help. You will have someone to talk to, and he/she will keep you occupied for hours whilst keeping you from feeling drowsy.


Take frequent breaks

Taking frequent breaks is one of the most important things to do when driving long distances. No matter how late you are getting or the distance that is yet to be covered, you should always make frequent stops when on the road. You will always find some spots or sceneries to admire throughout your journey, instead of looking at them from a distance; you should go and admire or explore them up-close. This way, you can feel refreshed, and your mind & body relaxed.


Take a power nap

Taking a power nap is yet another popular way to make yourself feel refreshed when on the road. It’s quite natural to feel sleepy if you have been on the road for hours, and if you are unable to concentrate or stay alert while driving, you should prefer taking a 15-minute power nap. Pull over at a rest stop and take a 15-minute power nap to make yourself feel more alert.

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