None of us is a professional at planning and thus, make rookie mistakes while planning a trip. These mistakes are actually very common but affect the whole frame of your holiday. If you do not pay attention to these things, they might just become the sole reason to wreck your trip. Have a look at them and make sure to avoid them the next time you are planning a trip.


Being inflexible with the dates

The foremost thing in planning a trip involves the travel dates and that is when we turn rigid. Sometimes, we have pre-planned a lot of things and when that doesn’t happen, we tend to feel irritated. A lot of travel dates might not suit the climatic change, the event you were planning to visit or a mere shortage of time. There are a lot of reasons as to why our pre-planned agendas cannot be completed the way we wanted them to. Things can change any minute so, fixing your travel dates too early could be a way to pay too much. One should always allow flexibility in the plan just in case of contingencies. Make way for things to change and believe in the fact that everything might not work the way you thought it would. For instance, booking your tickets needs a regular check of flight rates. So, pushing your travel dates back or forth might help you save a few bucks.


Skipping climate check

The next rookie mistake wall of us make is skipping the climate check of the destination we are going to. And this is actually imperative because if you do not pay attention to the climate and weather conditions of a place, you might just wreck the entire trip. If you are going to a hilly area, for example, you would have to keep a track of the days when that area experiences sudden downpours. If you are in plains, you would have to take care of the traffic as well as pollution levels if you are traveling with kids. Mountainous regions should also be inspected closely. Check the weather report in time and give special consideration to seasonal changes as well.


Underestimating your budget

The next thing we all do is under-budgeting our trip, probably because we want to feel we are having an affordable trip. But this can turn out to be the biggest mistake of our trip, especially when the real numbers strike back. It is important to calculate each and every kind of expense that is going to come face to face with us because only then will we be able to manage the expenses correctly. You should plan the trip beforehand and jot down all the possible expenditures that might come your way. From baggage fees, hotel and accommodations, rental fees, service tax, food and drinks, everything should be calculated to plan a budget prior. Overlooking these payments will give you a shock later on.


Drooling over useless deals


Here, the point is to give yourself a reality check and plan what you really want for a trip. Sometimes, while looking for appropriate deals, we are lured by some unreasonable deals that are cheap but of no use to us. Such kinds of deals are simply a waste of money and they should not be bought. Some travel deals often work against us and this is exactly how they lure us into them. You should not drool over flight discounts, the accommodation offers or rental offers just because they are cheap. They might not be of use to you as they might be far away from your desired destination or they may ask for hidden charges later. Beware of such deals and do not splurge your money on them.


Booking expensive accommodation

If you are going on holiday, it is not necessary to book expensive accommodation all the time. You should not splurge your money on such expensive hotels and resorts and instead, look for something that will keep you close to the locals. This will not only save your money but also give you a chance to have a divine experience of the destination you are heading to. Make sure you look for deals and offers online. If you really want to spend the vacation in luxury, then look for deals offered by these lavish hotels.

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