Before you set off to explore the gorgeous destination of Hong Kong, check out this list of essential tips of Do’s and Don’ts that are the most common things you would have to do in there. This will help you in doing some things and avoiding many of them. Have a look and give your vacation comfort and edge!

DO: Have Dim sums

The foremost thing you should do in Hong Kong is to have a bite of their exclusive Dim sums. Dim sums are not just another regular dish or local cuisine in Hong Kong. They are literally a way of life and thus, define the culture of Hong Kong like no other. If you are in this beautiful land, you just cannot afford to skip this meal because it will give you an extreme taste of everything. The thing is that these dim sums are made with so much art and style that one just cannot afford to not try them at least once. You might have had dim sums in every part of the world but these are a must-try for everyone out there. With a variety of fillings to choose from- barbecued pork, shrimps, noodle rolls as well as veggies, you will have the ultimate taste of your life.

DON’T: Smoke Publicly

The laws in Hong Kong are strict and are supposed to be followed no matter where you are. Smoking is strictly prohibited in Hong Kong and so, as a matter of law, you must never break this one. This is a concern in the interest of the general public, so if you go against this one, it might turn into a serious offense. Hong Kong law bans smoking indoors in public places including restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping malls, and even office buildings. Additionally, it is also prohibited in outdoor spaces such as parks, beaches, swimming pools, and conveyance too. So, it is better to let your trip be as fun as you want it to be. Do not get into an uninvited problem!

DO: Take the tram

Another popular thing to do in Hong Kong is the existence of trams that are super cute. You must use this as a public transport for going around and have the complete feel of exploring this beautiful destination. They have been a part of the Hong Kong culture since 1904 and have been relieving the public for traveling around the entire place. These reliable double-decker vehicles seem like relics of the bygone days and give all the possible vintage feels. They are affordable and thus, are the first choice for every tourist as well as localities there. As we all know the fast pace of Hong Kong life, you will hardly be able to stop any taxis on the road. Therefore, this one is easy as well as a convenient option to explore the city all by yourself.

DON’T: Get the Tourist Tram pass

While traveling o a tram is a great thing to do, buying a tram pass is not! You may get lured by the offers and discounts it gives, but it is not worth it. This is because as a tourist, you would like to explore different parts of Hong Kong and some might be far away. So, this tram might not be the best option because it travels only to nearby places and thus, this card will be a complete waste of money. You might be tempted to buy this 4-day pass with unlimited rides but the question is whether you need this service or not. You might not be able to completely avail this service too, then what is the point of buying it? Pick a subway ride instead and have a good time. Think tactfully, act tactfully!

DO: Get an Octopus Card

While we are talking about public transport and card services already, it is necessary to know about this famous feature in Hong Kong. Anyone traveling to Hong Kong can easily access this one and have a convenient stay there. Basically, an octopus card is a stored-value card that can be used for public transport and traveling to different places. It can also be used at different restaurants, cafes, malls as well as supermarkets. This is literally online money and can be easily availed from any subway station. Having an Octopus card makes getting around Hong Kong super easy and you won’t have to ask for help from the localities too. This online money is a safe option and thus, you must grab this one as soon as you visit Hong Kong.

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