Famous for its extraordinary views and breathtaking sunsets, Santorini is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Once you step on this land, you will be swoon away by the dramatic feel of this place. The fact that this place was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC gives a lot of goosebumps and urges everyone to visit this place. Santorini has always been a dream destination along with some really incredible volcanic sites. These volcanic eruptions shaped the landscape of this place making it an exquisite destination. If you are planning your trip to this place, you must explore the best of everything. Here we have the best possible sites in Santorini which you just cannot miss!


Gaze at the Sunset at Oia


In a magical place like Santorini, all you would want to do is gaze at the beautiful skies with crystal clear view in breezy air rushing through your hair. This dreamy place has a lot of spectacular views and you will be stunned. The most amazing thing you can spot here is the beauty of nature in the form of sunset with splashing colors all over the sky. This village of Oia is famed for its beautiful sunset view and why not! The location is splendid, the aura is spectacular and the vibe is something else. You will feel so close to nature and forget the outside world for the time you are there. With the color spectrum all over the sky, this one will give you ultimate photo goals.

Visit the Caldera

This unique shape of an island is probably the best place you will spot in Santorini. If there is one thing that you want to have glued-in your mind for the rest of your life because of its uniqueness, it would be this striking island. The shape is so distinctive and is a result of a volcanic eruption. Because of that eruption, this one found its existence. Santorini has always been famous for its extraordinary beauty and such sights are proof of that. If you are someone who loves to explore new places with extraordinary views, then this one is exactly what you might be looking for. A blend of adventure, beautiful nature and photogenic views- this one will give your adrenaline a rush.

Volcano of Santorini

If you get a chance to take a trip to a volcano, you will obviously be excited than ever. This is because such experiences are rare but extraordinary. This one is definitely one of the most amazing experiences you can ever have. Just grab a boat and take that trip to the famous Volcano of Santorini. This one lies in the Aegean Sea and does justice to all the hype that is created around it. All those who love to go back in time and study the historical sites or crave adventure, this site will give you each and everything. The boat trip is exclusive and takes you through the thermal waters where you can dip yourself and swim for a good time.


Look out for the Red Beach

Santorini is a magical place with breathtaking views, white houses, cobbled streets and of course water bodies in your sight. There are plenty of beaches here that are so beautiful that you would want to gaze at them if nothing else. Talking about beaches and Santorini, we must tell you that since there are quite a lot of volcanic sites here, beaches have also been affected by them. Red Beach is one good instance of this one. It is a volcanic beach with red color on the sands, adjacent cliffs as well as rocks in the water. All this is a result of the volcanic eruptions which also makes it another historical site as well. So you can dip yourself in the Red beach water and also feel like you accomplished something. This site is beautiful with so many contrasting colors coming together in one place.

A visit to the Winery is a must!

Going to Greece and not visiting a winery is definitely not happening. One of the most incredible things this place has to offer you is the exclusive wine and you cannot let go of it. Santorini has a tradition of wine for a long period of time. It has become an identification for Santorini and so, is a must-visit for all those who are going to this destination. Thanks to the rich volcanic soil, the wine here is exquisite and tastes wonders! You will find a lot of variety in wine here and crave even more. Look for the locally produced wine in the famous wineries and enjoy the taste amidst the vineyard. Learn about its production and indulge in a palatable experience.

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