South-Korea is world-renowned for its influential culture, K-pop music, food, and iconic attractions. With the global influence of its culture particularly K-pop (music) and k-dramas, many people heed to visit the country. And, it would not be wrong to say that it’s truly a traveler’s paradise.
The country is dotted with opulence at every mile. If you visit the country you add gorgeous coastlines, pristine naturalscape, stunning architecture, and exciting attractions to your memories. If you’re wondering to travel to South Korea, here are the top 5 cities you must add to your itinerary.



The capital city is the most popular tourist destination in the world’s travelers. Situated on the Han River, the city is a perfect blend of modernity and antiquity. It beautifully teams up sleek skyscrapers with the royal palaces and Buddhist Temple, a spectacular mingle to witness.
The city has an extensive subway system where notable landmarks are linked together. The city is massive and thus we have curated a list covering the best of the city-
N Seoul Tower- the city’s second-highest point and offering breathtaking views.
Namdaemun Market- the city’s largest traditional market
Myeongdong- the city’s active shopping district where you can pick trendy Korean fashion and skincare.
Lotte World- the world’s largest indoor theme park
Jogyesa Temple- the temple is beautifully built and signifies the Korean Buddhism.



The port city is home to spectacular beaches, tall mountains, and temples. The city offers an ideal laid-back atmosphere, creating a perfect haven. Its rich heritage, amazing sights, huge adventure quests makes the place irresistible.
To make the best of your trip apart from relishing sight tours also try scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, kayak, and cruising. You will surely be bounded with a unique experience.
Top-Attractions includes-
Cultural Village- known for brightly colored houses and gives you the feeling of Santorini, Greece.
The Water Temple- offering an unmatched view of the pristine coastline.


Jeju City

Jeju city is known as honeymoon spot in the country and is one of the world’s most romantic cities. The majestic greenery in the backdrop beautifully teamed up with astonishing architecture, the city is breathtaking.
The balmy climate in the city makes it every season’s travel destination. To make the best of your visit do add these places to your itinerary.
Seogwipo-si- the main attraction with a stunning view, delicious seafood, and casinos.
Loveland- a theme park filled with adult-only romantic features.



The Geoje city is also known as “The Blue City” and is surrounded by a stunning shoreline. The city gives you the vibes of an island and you will surely love how the city looks enfolded with water. The best way to capture the opulence of the city is through water and thus you must take a boat trip. Also, the city is a food lover’s paradise, the seafood available here will make you stodge to the full. On your trip to Geoje city, do visit Okpo Great Victory Commemorative Park.



The city is known for its stunning natural scenery and a plethora of museums. There are endless reasons to add this to your itinerary. The traditional houses, palaces, temples, tombs, ruins, and pagodas all depict the glorified past and culture of the country. The city is also a UNESCO-acclaimed World Heritage Site and has a history of about more than 2000 years. If you want to witness the cultural achievements of the country you ought to visit the city.
The best places to visit in Gyeongju are
Gyeongju National Museum
Tumuli Park
And, Seokguram Grotto

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