Post- corona phase has added a few essentials in our list; we can’t imagine stepping out of the house. After being confined for months at home, now when we’re in the unlocking phase we ought to know what all safety gears we need while traveling. Traveling could be anywhere whether you’re heading for groceries or traveling to different parts within the country or outside. Tourism is the most affected and with the outbreak of this pandemic, the way we travel has bizarrely changed.

Here, we have compiled a checklist for you that will cover all the essentials you need while traveling. So, stay tuned!


Travel Insurance

The first thing you ought to do is to get travel insurance done. Travel insurance is really very important especially during the Covid-19 outbreak.
The travel insurance provides cover against medical aid and assistance. We all are aware that the pandemic is at its peak and traveling could be filled with great risk thus travel insurance help you in meeting any hapless situation. Some countries have made it compulsory to have travel insurance along with visas. So, make sure you get your travel insurance done before boarding flights.



Since masks are made mandatory throughout the world but we would insist you also add gloves to your essentials list. Gloves will provide you double protection. And, while you travel you ought to touch various contaminated surfaces and if you have gloves worn you can minimize the spread of infection.
Invest in the type of gloves that are washable so that you can wash them and sanitize them easily and make sure the gloves are long. Wearing gloves is a great protective measure form your side though not made compulsory but if you want to ensure you don’t catch the virus while traveling to different parts of the world gloves are a must.


Travel-size Hand Sanitizer

This comes as no surprise! Another thing that we can’t imagine stepping outside our home is a hand sanitizer. While you’re packing your bags add a few bottles of travel-size hand sanitizers that are very easy to carry around.
The travel size will ensure you can carry a sanitizer even while getting around the destination with ease. Make sure you’ve alcohol-based hand sanitizer and not the regular ones that are infused with fragrances.
Pro-tip: never share your hand sanitizer with anyone else.


Disinfecting Wipes

While you’re traveling you need to ensure you have clean surroundings and surfaces. And, for that disinfecting wipes are great. While you’re traveling there are commonly touched surfaces where the virus is hanging and that increases the risk of spread of the virus.
Contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs, chairs, tables, handles are a few things that ought to be disinfected. So, disinfecting wipes are another travel essential you should add to your list.
The disinfectant wipes that you should invest in ought to be EPA-approved and non-bleach. There are various disinfectant wipes available in the market and online so get yours ASAP.


Other Essentials

There are a few more things that are very important to carry while traveling. So, add the followings to the list-
Reusable Water Bottles- reusable water bottles will ensure you don’t have to purchase new water bottles each time.
Immunity boosters- carry a first-aid kit along with multi-vitamins and immunity boosters.
Self-printed tickets and boarding pass- to avoid minimum contact you should get your tickets and boarding pass printed at home.

Face-shield- face shield is very important as it protects your mouth, face, and nose.

So, these were a few travel essentials that you should add to your Covid-19 travel list.

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