Going on a vacation doesn’t always have to be limited to visiting your neighborhood cities or towns; you can maximize the fun factor by opting for a foreign destination, particularly tropical destination, to make things even more exhilarating and adventuresome. And when it comes to choosing the best tropical destination for your holiday, Fiji arguably tops the list. It is a literal tropical paradise out there, which boasts of a bounty of nature and all things fun and beauty in the form of beaches, water activities, local culture, and much more. Fiji is home to more than 300 islands, with each one of them unique and spectacular in their own way. Best known for its rugged landscapes and palm-lined beaches, Fiji has always been Australian’s favorite holiday destination but it didn’t take long enough for other travelers from all around the world to add this place to their bucket list and explore it for all great things including adventure, food, culture, and beauty.

Fiji is a postcard-worthy destination, which has everything for everyone. Whether it’s the friendly locals or a wide range of world-famous water activities, being able to have it all makes it a bit difficult to not fall in love with this place. However, if you are still contemplating whether or not to visit this gorgeous country, you should take a look at all the reasons to choose Fiji as your next travel destination, which will make you live the best island life.


Fijians are incredibly warm and friendly

One of the best things about Fiji is the local people. They are known to be extremely warm and welcoming and believe in being hospitable to tourists. You can ask any person who has been to Fiji about their personal favorite thing about the country, and for the most part, the answer will be the Fiji people. And we cannot agree more, they are believed to be the happiest people on earth, who love to make you feel at home and show you around to get a better and unique local experience.


Enjoy snorkeling like nowhere else in the world

Fiji water is possibly its best highlight and while there’s a life that you see beyond the water on the land, you can get a peek into the aquatic life by enjoying snorkeling in the waters of this gorgeous nation. Fiji is considered to be one of the best destinations for snorkeling; it offers you a very unique and fascinating experience, which you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Fiji is home to the world’s richest and stunning soft coral, which looks absolutely gorgeous when viewed from the lens of your goggles. Apart from the coral reefs, you can also get to witness different species of fishes that vary in size and colors.


The local food

From food and adventure to nature and fun, Fiji is a place where you can have it all. Fiji food is exceptionally delicious and mouth-watering. What you see under the water is often served as meals during lunch or dinner. While seafood is a staple food to the Fijians, which is served both raw and cooked with mild favors and spices, on the other hand, Fijian Indian is another kind of cuisine that you can enjoy at the restaurants. Mahi-mahi, tuna, lobster, kokoda are some of the best dishes to try in Fiji.


Postcard-worthy beaches

Fiji doesn’t fall short of beaches, they can be found at almost every corner or nook of the country. And that’s not it; every beach in the country is extremely beautiful and pristine, featuring white-sand and blue waters. Most beaches are lined with palm trees, which only add to the beauty of this nation. No matter what beach you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed to have some quality time surrounded by nothing but beauty in the form of serene ambiance and nature.

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