Home to the world’s largest dry desert- the Atacama Desert, Chile, a long, narrow country covering more than 6,000 km of Pacific Ocean coastline, is a popular travel destination in South America. Apart from the fact that the country is home to an insanely long coastline, there are so many other things that make Chile a fantastic travel destination. While attractions, sceneries, and landscapes tend to be the best highlights of any trip, there’s this one thing that gives every trip a different meaning, and i.e., food.

It goes without saying that food is one of the most essential parts of any trip; it is a way of getting acquainted with one’s culture and traditions. There’s no denying the fact that Chile is a beautiful nation, but the delicious food offered here is equally worthy of your attention. The Chilean cuisine emphasizes fish and seafood plates. The nation also has a soft spot for corn and is therefore used to prepare an assortment of delightful dishes. The dishes offered in Chile can never be disappointing; however, there are a couple of Chilean dishes that every traveler should try on their visit to this country.

Listed below are some of the foods you have to try when in Chile.



It is a common street food that can be found anywhere in the country. The dish is basically a simple and circular flatbread that can differ in flavoring- sweet or salty. It is deep-fired and is often served with pebre, which is typically a sauce that is prepared using common ingredients like coriander, garlic, aji, onion, olive oil, etc. Most Chileans prefer having it during teatime and also when it’s raining.


Pastel de Jaiba

Pastel de Jaiba is yet another must-try Chilean dish, it is also known by other names such as crab cake, a crab casserole, and a savory crab pie. This traditional Chilean dish is served in almost every restaurant throughout Chile, but it is especially popular in Santiago. It is a seafood dish that is prepared using blue crabs. These crabs have sapphire-tinted claws, hence the name blue crabs. Ingredients like onion, cream, spices, fish, stock, milk, and chili pepper are used to prepare this dish. The burst of flavors will satisfy your palate and might leave you wanting for more.



You cannot miss out on trying Pisco when in Chile; it is not only popular in this country but Peru as well, so make sure to give it a try to understand what the hype is all about. There are so many ways to drink Pisco in Chile, but the most common way to have it is in the form of neat or Pisco sour cocktail. This grape brandy is the perfect blend of earthy and sweet, the addition of lime enhances its flavor and makes it more flavorsome.



Cazuela is a Chilean version of chicken noodle soup. The ingredients of this dish can vary based on what’s available seasonally. Apart from chicken, it can also be prepared using other ingredients like seafood, beef, and turkey. The addition of herbs (parsley, thyme, oregano) on the top of the dish makes it as aromatic and fragrant as it is soothing.



As we mentioned earlier, Chilean cuisine emphasizes more on seafood and fish, you will find an assortment of delightful seafood and fish-based dishes on the menu wherever you go. Ceviche is one of the most commonly eaten dishes in Chile. It is prepared using reineta (pomfret), which is one of the most popular kinds of fish in Chile. The fish is cut into smaller pieces, and those pieces are then marinated with lemon juice. Other ingredients like yellow onion, bell pepper, and cilantro are used as toppings to make the dish more flavorsome and filling.

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