Do you want to enjoy your holiday time in Italy? If yes, then today we have got a fantastic surprise for you. Burano is the prettiest and colorful island located in Italy. This Italian island is highly popular for its whimsical buildings and colorful surroundings. Yes, exploring this beautiful colorful island can be a fancy thing to do. Today, through this travel blog we are here with some fabulous information that will help you to plan a fun trip to this beautiful island of Italy. And, it feels great to tell you that we are here to serve you every detail that you are looking for. And, if you want to know more about this colorful island of Burano then you can surely go through this blog and learn more.
Burano is a beautiful island that is surrounded by the most fascinating streets, lagoons and attractive builidings. Through this blog we are here to share some excellent details about how you can enjoy a great time in the beautiful whimsical island to enjoy a perfect day time holiday. So, if you are ready to know more about this wonderful destination then you can surely go through the details that are shared beneath.


Visit The Lace Museum

The lace Museum is the most fabulous museum in the entire world popular for the handmade lace art. Well, Burano is highly popular for the handmade laces, and this island has many lace shops which is admirable. This museum signified the cultural and the work of the hands. Yes, the lace museum showcases the collections of lace art concepts and history. This beautiful historic museum is located in the southern point of Burano. And, exploring this museum can be one of the fascinating that you can do to enjoy a great time.


Roam In The Colorful Streets

Yes, this Island of Burano has the most colorful and prettiest bright colored buildings, shops, local hubs that can be wonderful to capture in photographs. Also, as Burano is one of the remarkable tourist spot, you can easily roam in the attractive streets and admire the decorative beauty of the colorful windows, doors, walls and attractive surroundings that will surely make you happy. You can also enjoy boat ride to enjoy a relaxing time in this beautiful whimsical island.


Admire The San Martino Church

The San Martino Church is the most iconic churches of Italy. And, yes this church is highly admired because of its history of Napoleon invasion. And, the Chapel was constructed in 9th century which makes it one of the best and oldest places to visit in Burano to admire the culture and history of Italy. Therefore, this is a must-visit place that you should see in Burano to have a perfect day time holiday to enjoy.


Photograph The Leaning Tower Of Burano

The Leaning Tower of Burano is one of the popular landmarks in the island that you should photograph to steal the best beauty of Burano, Italy. This Leaning tower was constructed in 16th century and this tower is 53 meters hall. This iconic tower is also known as the main bell tower of the Burano. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a good time in Burano then you can surely visit these attractions to have a great time.

Well, these were the best places that you can explore and fun things you can do to experience a perfect holiday time in the colorful Burano Island of Italy. Thus, we hope that this travel blog has offered you all the details that you are looking for and if you have any further queries regarding traveling tips and destinations then you can surely checkout our website.

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