Laos is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, sharing the borders with Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, and China. It’s always been great to visit the country and if you’re thinking to visit the country, here, are a few reasons that will confirm your travel to Laos.

The country is home to stunning waterfalls, breathtaking natural view, laid-back culture, and food. There is a huge international influence in the country that you can clearly see through its culture, lifestyle, food, and everything else.

The country is full of positivity and you’ll surely plan to visit the country more often. Read out the 5 reasons that will compel you to add this to your list!


Untouched Nature

One of the best things about traveling to Laos is witnessing the untouched nature. The country has still preserved its old charm with only a little bit of modernization as the country has opened its doors for the world in the year 1999.
So, no matter where you travel the country is full of welcoming and relaxing spots adding a dose of freshness to your trip. Rather than bustling streets and tarnished and worn-out attractions, everything here is raw and unseen.


Laid-Back and Unique Culture

There are various positive aspects of the Laos culture that draws the attention of travelers from around the world.
Welcoming and polite people that welcome you and introduces you to their country in such a warm manner! Religion is another striking element that pulls travelers from around the globe. Buddhism has inspired many travelers and Laos is a Buddhist country. So, it’s a great place to capture the gorgeous temples and Buddhist religious buildings. The traditions in the country are so unique including the traditional costumes thus making it a great place to travel to.


Kuang-Si Waterfall

Kuang-Si Waterfall is not only the most popular attraction in the country but also holds great spiritual significance to the monks and the locals.
The whole trail that takes you to the Kuang-Si Waterfall is dotted with stunning views. It’s very easy to access to the Kuang-Si Waterfall as there are bridges and great walkways. To the side of the falls there is a steep path, walk up and you’ll immerse in the most stunning scenery of your whole trip. The waterfall offers a very calming and refreshing vibe and this is the best reason to visit the country. Once you visit it, you would crave for more visits!



Another striking reason to plan a vacay to Laos is the country’s incredible architecture. You can see very distinct styles in the country. Old homes are built of wood while the modern homes are built in a more contemporary style.
The major buildings of the country including the official buildings and shops are made in French-style. You can see a great trace of French architecture and culture in most parts of the country especially the parts that are old and not renovated.



If food is what makes you travel around the world, Laos is a great place to savor the rich and diverse gastronomy. Food is a popular reason that makes food travelers around the world plan a vacay to Laos.
The street-style food is very common here and cheap too. The culinary practices in the country include simple and old things such as wrapping fish in banana leaves.
The best of the Laos culinary delicacies include papaya salad, sticky rice, steamed fish, noodles, and grilled meats. The food is great here and you’ll truly love it.
So, these are the top 5 reason you must visit Laos.

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