Italy is known for its fine culture and welcoming nature. Trip to Italy is once in a lifetime kind of thing, so you would definitely want to make it a memorable one. You must be trying to pack everything you can to have the best travel experience and plan out the itinerary with keen interest and attention. But there are certain things you should keep in mind although you might have planned everything very carefully. There are always some precautions you should take to avoid some unwanted situations. Below we have listed some of the suggestions you can consider for your next Italy trip.

Do visit alternated destinations apart from main ones

There is always a list of major destinations everyone follows when on vacation to a particular place. The same goes for Italy too. Of course, they have been listed as major sights for a genuine reason, but we would recommend you to get off the beaten path to have a real taste of “authentic” Italy. Try to stay in places that are close to the main tourist attractions. And if you plan a classic route traversing the Venice, Florence, and Rome, try to make some detailed planning by adding some off-beat locations to it. Like if you are in Rome, put up Santa Priscilla catacombs or Aventine Keyhole on your list.

Do talk with your hands

You may not be aware of the fact that Italians have a thing where they talk with their hands instead of conversing directly by speaking. You can also do the same while you are at the place, especially if you are not familiar with the local language. It can be a major help for you as not all the Italians know English. Use your hands to pantomime the general things such as eating, searching when they are unable to understand your Italian, you are “speaking.” Be careful with the gestures; only make those which you are sure of. Don’t make them feel offended.

Expect Italy to be different

Why most of the people go to Italy on a vacay? For the reason that it is different from other countries. So if you are moving to a country that has a distinct nature, then you would find some of its ways weird. Don’t get frustrated, instead embrace them. There are some cultural aspects that seem to be negative, but they have developed for a reason, so don’t point out until you know the valid explanation. Try to keep a positive attitude and carry yourself with grace.

Be aware of your belongings

Now Italy is a place that is not that safe when it comes to pickpockets. As cities like Venice, Florence, and Rome receives a huge influx of visitors each year, high is the chance of pickpockets at these places. It is not quite worrisome when you walk around places but be aware on the bus and the metro. Whenever you go to a cafe or restaurant to enjoy a meal, don’t make a mistake of leaving your bag on the ground. We are no saying that the situation is very critical, but it is better to be cautious than to suffer later. Be aware of the surroundings and where your belongings are. Some of the safe ways to carry money are- to have it in the under-the-shirt pouches or in zippered wallets. It is recommended for men to carry their wallets in the front and not at the back. Women should have purses in which there are several zip compartments and are zippered.

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