Mexico is one of those countries that has a perfect blend of amazing food, culture, and rugged coastlines. It is considered as a popular beach destination with nearly 500 beaches that spans over the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of California, the Carribean sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The most fascinating thing about the country is that it offers different kinds of beaches. Some are secluded spots surrounded by jungles, some are great for surfing, and while some have sandy shores with calm waters. Let us have a look at some of our best picks-


Tulum, Quintana Roo

One of the best beach experiences you can have in Mexico is found near the Mayan ruins. If you are a history buff, it can be the perfect destination for you. It has a plethora of amazing restaurants, small boutique hotels, and an awesome all-over atmosphere. Have a wonderful experiment by renting bikes to get around the place. It has a picturesque location featuring crystal clear waters, pristine white sand, and palm sands. If you are looking out for a beach that is not much crowded, you definitely add Tulum beach to your list while in Mexico.


Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo

This can be your go-to place if you are heading out for a family getaway as it offers several safe swimming opportunities for children. It is the main beach of Isla Mujeres with a great variety of restaurants, beach bars, and hotels. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the country that is famous because of its clear water and shining white sand. If you want to avoid the crowd then come early in the morning to book a spot close to water. One of the amazing facts about the place is that it is home to the largest concentration of whale sharks on this planet.


Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo

The beach located just three hours away from Cancun is tagged as the “Mexico’s secret beach town” because of its laid-back atmosphere, shallow waters, and deserted location.

Again, if looking for someplace that is peaceful and not much crowded, you have to put up this on your list as there is little traffic on the island and it has not been commercialized yet. The place is ideal for swimming because of its seashell scattered beaches. But you can’t find any posh hotels or luxury facilities on Isla Holbox as implied from the above information. The place is truly nature’s beauty with white sand and crystal clear blue waters.


Playa del Amor, Marieta Islands, Nayarit

The place commonly referred to as “Hidden Beach” and also “Lover’s Beach” as it appears to be like a fantasy. It is one of the popular tourist spots of Mexico that is easily accessible by a water boat from the marina at Cabo San Lucas.

The beach has a cave in its vicinity with a gaping hole in the roof that serves as a unique skylight that opens up the beach for photo ops and sunbathing. Be cautious as tides are quite rough on the Pacific end making swimming a risky endeavor. It is suggested to enter the waters from the Bahia de Cabo San Lucas area. If you want to go for snorkeling, go from the Cortez side of Playa Del Amor. In short, this is the beach experience you should definitely have while on a vacation to Mexico.


Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

It is a sleepy beach town that is just an hour away from Puerto Vallarta. You can get there by boat. The place is wonderful with a good set of restaurants that includes the thatched-roof bar Angelina’s Gardens Beach Club. Grab some of the best fish tacos you will ever have along with some chilled beer.

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