Switzerland’s most gorgeous place- Zurich is also the largest city here. If you are looking for something that will give you a taste of every corner of Switzerland, you must visit this cultural and financial hub. A fascinating place that this destination is, makes for a perfect dream vacation. Zurich offers fun and frolic, history and art, museums and beaches in the most delightful way that you will never forget. Visiting Zurich is like going back into time and also having a taste of the present. Zurich is one of the finest towns in Switzerland and so, deserves each and every bit of your time and love.


Visit the Old town Zurich

Whenever you are traveling to a new place, you must always keep in mind to explore the historic side of that place. This is because the old and historic places of any destination speak a lot about that place and that is why they are a must-visit. One such place is the Old town of Zurich that will give you the ultimate cultural as well as historic vibes. This neighboring town has those old cobbled streets, half in place, half-broken with gothic buildings. You will get to see some houses and buildings that date back to 1917. You can explore the entire city and talk to the locals with the help of a two-hour Zurich Highlights tour. It will take you around the city and unfold the most vibrant colors.


View at Uetliberg

If you have a thing for breathtaking views, visit this one. We bet you are going to have a breathless view at this place because it is at a height of 871 meters. With a view from this height, you are sure to lose your calm. To the south of Zurich is this northerly summit which can be easily accessed from Uetlibergbahn which is a mountain railroad. This broad area is a bliss to be at night with the most illuminated views as well as cozy vibes. Pleasant air and city lights in view, you can take something to eat along and have a good picnic time with your family. Going for a dinner outing is also a great idea in every season. This is one of the best things you can do in Zurich.


Soak at Lake Zurich

Visiting Lake Zurich is one of the foremost things that you should do here. It will give you the peace and tranquility you are looking for. It will also be a fun and frolic vibe for your party mind. Lake Zurich is not a mere body of water, it has a line of towns, buildings and parks lined up on the shore. This is why everyone has easy access to the Lake. Another reason to visit this one is that you can have a chill time during your Zurich trip. Dip yourself in the blue water, soak in the sun and have a fun picnic time with your closed ones. There are a lot of options to explore the lake from a closer distance. Cruise through the lake and have a great view of the adjoining alps region.


Kunsthaus Zurich

This iconic museum in Zurich is one of the most renowned museums in Europe. It is the perfect place for the most amazing fine artwork and historical instances. This museum defines art and history in a unique style and showcases work from some really talented artists. All art lovers are going to be spellbound at this place because of such beautiful work on the display. The architecture of this place is gothic inside as well as outside. Found in 1787, it has a large collection of paintings by several artists that have not only made an impact on their community but the entire society as well.



This is Zurich’s downtown area with the most crowded places ever. If you are here, you will experience the busiest street in Zurich that goes as long as 1200 meters. This street has a record of being so busy throughout the route stretching from the train station to the Burkliplatz. You can do a lot of things here. Explore the shopping outlets in historic buildings, enjoy the fountain space and some really gothic structures in the entire place. The shopping outlets are just not mere buildings. They are actually smart decked windows and historic walls which give you the feel of entering into something really vibrant. Spend the entire day here, go shopping, grab something to eat and have a great time.

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