A rainforested American country that Costa Rica is, it is known for its exotic beaches, fun life, and crazy wildlife. If you are looking for a place that will give you everything, this one is exactly that. It offers you a blend of biodiversity and wildlife in the rarest forms, it also offers some luxurious beaches along with adventure beaches. Home to some volcanic eruption sites, Costa Rica has a fascinating coastline. All backpackers, adventurers. peach lovers, as well as food lovers, will love this destination for its easy-going vibe. Endless stretches of beaches and penetrating forests, explore the best of Costa Rica by visiting these places.


Manuel Antonio National Park

What each one of us looks for in any travel destination is a fun-filled time and a lot of adventure with unforgettable moments. This National Park is a blend of everything you are looking for. It has crazy scenic beauty in penetrating forests, lush greenery, and exotic wildlife. What would be better than penetrating through this National Park and ending up at a luxurious beach? Yes, this one has frolic beaches as well. This park is famed for its long stretch of sand along with the never-ending forests. If you love to explore nature and dive into its beauty, this is your place to be. You will spot Howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and rare capuchins here as well.

Arenal Volcano

As exciting as the name, this place is actually breathtaking. With a natural volcano in your sight, ashes and fumes of air will be spotted coming out from the crater. This incredible site is sure to give you goosebumps and you will just love it. This Arenal Volcano stands tall at a height of 1633 meters and is one gigantic natural wonder. An inverted cone-shaped structure, this volcano is a blissful sight for everyone seeking thrill and adventure. You will get the chills here with glowing red lava flowing down from the crater or ashes and fumes emitting from the top. Click pictures here and make this visit a memorable one.


Looking for peace and tranquility? Then this is your ultimate destination. This is a power-packed destination with exotic beaches, sand stretch, and crystal clear water. You can pack your monokinis, grab a brew and chill on the cabana chairs on one fine evening. The name of this place is as fancy as the vibe. Quirky feels of this place will make you feel like you are in paradise. Dominical features a lot of luxurious things to do like open-air restaurants, affordable accommodations and also sporty activities. There is so much for everyone here. Food lovers, surf lovers and even those who want to chill in peace would love this place.



If you are going to someplace for pure adventure, then this one is exactly what you are looking for. A power-packed destination for water sports and activities like surfing, beaching and thrill sports, Tamarindo is a lovable tourist spot. It will give you the most memorable time of your entire trip because you will soak in water and have an enthralling experience. The good thing about this one is that it is just adjacent to the town and the entire town runs through the coastline. So this beach is easily accessible. A great place for learners as well as professionals. this beach offers a great time to indulge in a never-ending experience. Another catch here is that all the activities are eco-friendly and that is what you must look out for in this season.

Tortuguero National Park

This one is definitely a must-visit in Costa Rica because of its uniqueness and distinct features. Ever spotted hundreds of turtles together in their natural habitat moving here and there? Well, here you will. This place is a totally different one from all the above. This National Park on the Caribbean coast is one of the wettest areas and can only be accessible by boat or plane. You must book in advance to visit this unique place and have a glimpse of all the exotic turtles in their natural habitat. Turtle watching is the main activity here and you will spot some rare breeds as well. The green sea turtle is a major attraction here.

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