Trekking through long-distance trails is one of the best things you can do in your lifetime. There is an element of thrill and vibe in this adventure that can match nothing else. If you really wish to explore the beauty of nature, then there is nothing better than walking on foot. You get to experience and feel each and every vibe of the place. There are some really amazing trails in the world that are waiting for your visit. You must embark on this journey and tame the beauty of nature. Have a great experience exploring these trails and remembering them for a lifetime. Have a read-


Via Alpina

This trail cannot be assigned to one particular country as it crosses as many as 44 borders- both big and small destinations. Via Alpina trail is one of the longest yet the most adventurous trails of all time. There are a lot of surprises associated with this one as you embark on the journey. Stretched over a distance of 5000+ kilometers from Monaco to Trieste and unfolding the beauty of places like France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria; this one will take you on the most enthralling experience of your life. This trail is extremely gorgeous and will give you the chills with the most amazing scenic beauty in your sight. You can unfold the nature of beauty and stay in little villages that come across the way.

Great Himalaya Trail

Stretching over a distance of 4585 kilometers, this Himalayan Trail is one of the most gorgeous trails in the world. Making its way through Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, and Tibet- this one has more than one route. Both the routes that take you through this trail are equally adventurous. One is on a high altitude and the other one is on a low altitude but both of them are demanding and adventurous. The altitude ranges from 2000 to 6000 meters and is worth every scenic sight. If you love scenic beauty, then this one should be on your bucket list for sure. This trail navigates its route through villages that are equally gorgeous.

Te Araroa Trail, NZ

Te Araroa trail is another gem on the list. This one stretches over a distance of 3000 kilometers commencing from the North Islands to the South Island. This one has a unique appeal to it because it is a blend of scenic beauty, lush greenery as well as glaciers. Your passion to explore nature will definitely come true here and you will be stunned by the beauty of this one. Starting in September is a great time for this trail as the weather is super amazing and the wind is pleasant. You can stay midway in a hut pass or casual mountainside stays of you wish to embark on this journey. It takes approximately 5 months if you want to cover it all.

The Annapurna Trail, Nepal

Nepal has a plethora of adventures and scenic beauty. There is nothing you will not find in this place. If you love to explore a place based on the culture and values, then you must go on this one. Nepali culture prevails in every corner and has always been a delight to experience. This Annapurna massif in Nepal is one of the most popular routes in the Himalayas and takes approximately 15-20 days to cover the entire journey. This spectacular trail will give you the ultimate travel goals and breathtaking views. You can trek on the trail according to your own convenience and reach the highest point where the bird’s eyes view is just out of the world. Stay at the base camp to stay close to the Nepali culture and experience the best taste buds ever.

The Snowman Trek, Bhutan

If you love challenges, then this Snowman trek should be next on the list for you. It has chills, adventure, thrill as well as the most spectacular views ever. You will be swoon by this beauty. This one is truly a challenge because it transverses nine passes and covers a distance of 4500 meters above sea level. Takes as much as a month, it is open to a limited number of people to avoid any contingencies. Since the altitude is very high, there are chances that you might experience sickness and breathing problems. That is why this is a challenging one. Covering a lot of remote areas, you will be able to discover some hidden gems that are truly the most wonderful places on earth.

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