There are endless reasons that compel people to hitchhike. For some hitchhike can save money providing a free journey, for some it’s packed with thrill, and for others, it’s because they just want to try it. One thing you can’t undermine is safety consideration while going for hitchhiking. Surely, you can’t predict what’s next, and how many miles are you safe for thus, certain tips will keep you cautious throughout the unpredictable excursion.
If you’re considering hitchhiking in your next sojourn here are a few tips that will keep you on the track.



Before, you plan to hitchhike the first thing to keep in mind is the location. Not all the parts offer you a safe hitchhiking; therefore you can’t ignore the location. Also, the location is really important to get a quick hitchhike. The best place to ask for a ride is where vehicles usually slow down or stop say to be a pump, a border, or a roadside café.
Hitchhiking at the rural areas or through the vacant roads is a really bad idea. People here are suspicious to give rides, and thus you’ll spend hours finding a perfect hitchhike.


Dress Properly

If you’re a female hitchhiker it’s really important to dress accordingly. As you’ll be asking for rides from strangers, dressing properly can make a huge impact. Also, wearing clean and good clothes renders a good impression on the other person. No one easily trusts bad attire; they might think of you to be burglar, hence when to hitchhike always dress in a presentable and neat manner. Your clothes reveal a lot about you basically the first thing the other person will look at, hence, if you’re dressed elegantly we are sure you’ll get a ride really very quickly.


Pack Light

When you decide to hitchhike make sure you carry a light bag with you and not more than one luggage. A tiny backpack will help you get in and out of the vehicles very easily. Hence, always carry the least possible. Drivers don’t feel reluctant to give rides to the persons who have less stuff with them and not only that carrying light will help you to keep the bag along with you on the seat.
Also, it keeps you safe, fewer chances of you being robbed during hitchhiking. And, try to keep your important documents in your pocket or at any other safe place so if your bag gets looted still, you have your documents with you.


Carry Gifts For The Drivers

To create a good and home-like atmosphere on the ride it would be great if you could carry a few gifts along with you for the drivers. Not only it will create a sense of some personal belonging but would be a token of gratefulness. If you’re hitching in a foreign country, gifting them the specialty of your country can be a good idea. It’s just a way to bind the host and you with some indelible memories, and of course, a good hitchhike for you.



When you hitchhike try to communicate with the person as much as you can. It will create a personal atmosphere throughout the ride. Share your experiences, ask them for their advice, and if they turn out to be the locals they can guide you with the best. Communication is the key during hitchhiking. Not only communication will help you cover the miles easily but the drivers will also feel friendly. Hence, don’t sit quietly or throw tantrums such as slow down your speed or rubbish like this. Try to mingle with the driver as much as you can without crossing the limits.

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