London is a dreamy place with exquisite neighborhoods that are totally worth staying. Each one of them is different and has its own charm and appeal. If you wish to explore London, there is nothing better than actually living in these places and having the best taste of London city. Here are the top 5 areas in London that are totally worth visiting!



This is the poshest and exquisite neighborhood in London and everyone loves it. If you are thinking of staying in London for quite some time, then this place is a great option. Located between the leafy Hyde Park and the dazzling West End, Mayfair is an opulent place to be. You will feel at the utmost luxury staying in this gorgeous neighborhood and will not regret this decision. London itself is one of the most dreamy destinations in the world and so are its neighborhoods. Everything has a meaning here and no matter what the place is, everything is themed and designed in a unique way. Mayfair is home to the most luxurious and affluent boutique hotels and accommodations in London. There are so many places here that will make you feel the lavish life we all crave for. Accommodations have the highest rents in Mayfair but you will also spot some cute galleries with exclusive art. At night, you can enjoy the nightlife at posh pubs and bars.



A hipster area with trendy boutiques and trendy restaurants, Shoreditch is a happening neighborhood in London. It is full of trendy and quirky places that will take your heart away. The vibe is truly contagious and totally worth living. London is anyway the hub of gorgeous neighborhoods and this one justifies the happy vibe of London. Home to some exclusive street art as well as vintage galleries, this neighborhood offers the most memorable stay of all time. You can stroll through the colorful streets and explore the fancy coffee shops here. A power-packed place with all things beautiful that this one is, it draws large crowds towards its mansions and gorgeous avenues and never lets them go.



For all those who are visiting London for the vibe, for sightseeing and gorgeous attractions and for pubs and nightlife, then Soho is your ultimate pick. Soho is the ultimate destination for all those who are looking for the most enthralling nightlife in London. It is home to so many pubs and bars that we cannot even count. Apart from the happening nightlife, this place also offers a buzzing day and night time so you are sure to never have a dull moment in this place. You can explore the entire neon-lit neighborhood and the artsy theatres here. Watch a musical show and bless yourself with art and culture. Music lovers can also have a great time here in the nearby area of West End.


Notting Hill

If you love cute cafes on every corner, brightly colored streets, and ancient mansions, then you must not think twice and book one accommodation in Notting hill. This place is going to give you the ultimate vintage feels as well as playful vibes probably because of the colorful townhouses and cobbled streets as well. Notting Hill is literally one neighborhood that every person can relate to. It was a part of the 90s romcoms and has been a shooting place for so many famous movies. It literally has that vibe because of such colorful pastel-colored homes. A blend of antique and contemporary places- Notting hill is definitely the best place to live for the most lively carnival feels.


Covent Garden

Covent Garden is the ultimate place for all the food lovers and you will know why. For all those who actually love to enjoy the vibe of fine dining as well as world-class shopping, this place is your go-to destination. All you should do here is shop and eat! Shop from the most exclusive shops and boutiques and eat the most mouth-watering cuisines ever. Grab a bite and head to the most amazing boutique shops. This one is quite similar to Soho and is filled with colorful buildings and houses everywhere. The built and architecture of this place is beautiful and so, you must make this one a prime option for yourself.



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